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Pran Yoga healing

Pran Yoga treatment system works on balancing the energy of Pancha Prana, Panch Mahabhuta and the seven chakras located in one's body. A person's physical, mental and spiritual problems arise due to the imbalance of these seven chakras, pancha pran, pancha mahabhutas, and do their work at different frequencies located in our body.

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About Shri Yogananda {Yoga and Spirituality Guru}

Yogananda {Yoga and Spirituality Guru} is highly educated, you have degrees in Arts, Computer, Law, Journalism, Yoga, Naturopathy, Alternative Medicine. He trained for the preparation of free competitive examinations for 25 years, as a result, more than 10 thousand of your students are serving the society by holding higher posts like Collector, SP, Magistrate, Tehsildar, Inspector. You have attained first place in the country in general knowledge, essay competitions many times in your student life.

Yogananda has been working for the last 6 years in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, through Pran Yoga therapy to donate lives to many patients through free camps. So far more than 6 lakh people have benefited from your treatment. He is expert in 36 types of medicine including Acupressure, Energy Medicine, Sujok, Prana Energy, Naturopathy, Yoga, Panch Tattvigyan.

You are currently doing research work {PhD} in Pran Yoga therapy.....


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