Rudrakshya Therapy:

 In scientific terminology, Rudraksha is known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb. It is endowed with religious,medicinal and spiritual significances, originating in pre-historic times from the tear drops of Lord Shiva. The seed contains secrets of the entire evolution of cosmos within it. These beads are mystically potent for all human beings in which the almighty is encoded – the deep power behind its existence. Its mystical powers can be seen in all related field of Wealth, Health, Prosperity,Protection, Self-Empowerment leading to freedom of suffering since time immemorial as shown and recorded in ancient scriptures .

According to the Hindu scripture, Rudraksha beads are the holiest items embodied with mystical powers. These scripture states that Rudraksha is utilized to bring spiritual and material well-being to the wearer as well as for medicinal purposes since the ancient time.

Most of the powers of Rudraksha are associated with the number of mukhi or faces the beads have. Yogis and Monks of Nepal, India and many other countries have worn Rudraksha beads for thousands of years to cultivate physical, mental and health prowess to achieve Fearlessness on their Spiritual path leading to enlightenment and liberation. According to old scriptures, ‘He who wears Rudraksha round the hands, arms and over the head cannot be killed by any living being. He shall roam the world in the form of Rudra. He shall be respected by the Gods and Assures always as well as be honored like Shiva. Even the devotees of Vishnu and other deities shall unhesitatingly wear the Rudraksha for gaining spiritual enlightenment .
The natural Electromagnetic Properties of the Holy Rudraksha Beads have been found to improve concentration, focus and mental stamina. When worn on Malas around the heart area it was found that they reduce and control stress levels, blood pressure and hypertension resulting in the feeling of tranquility and calmness. Rudraksha Beads were found to be ideal for focused Meditation and other Spiritual Practices.
Though the powers of the Rudraksha beads have been known as a phenomenon for thousands of years in Vedic Knowledge, it is only since the late 1960s that their values and merits have been documented in modern science through research conducted by a group of scientists lead by Dr Subas Rai PHD Institute of Technology University in Banaras India.
Research has proven that Rudraksha have powerful Electromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Inductive Properties that vary from the different Mukhis of Rudraksha beads. It creates specific electric impulses that are sent to the brain through the process of reflex skin response stimulating certain brain centers that transfer information in the Neurophysiology, which is the major way of impact of Rudraksha in human body.
Wearing of Rudraksha creates improved and balance activity of neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin levels that is evidenced by the positive transformation in the personality, mindset, outlook, charisma, and confidence of the wearer.
It was also proven that wearing of Rudraksha beads controlled heart beat and had a positive effect on the Blood Pressure, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Palpitation, and lack of concentration etc.

The sacred Rudraksha beads are importance in use as their healing properties and being identified for various physical and mental problems. The ancient Vedas use this Rudraksha in different diseases. Rudraksa and Mantra have most influence on that part of the body. In modern science the Rudraksh bead posses electromagnetic nature due to this it affect our neurophysiology in a specific manner that permit to control heart beat , blood pressure, stress levels, hypertension and at the same time relieves nervousness, depression and fearful situation. Rudraksha beads are also believed to have a positive effect on the heart and nerves.The Ayurvedic system of treatment prescribes the wearing of Rudraksha beads to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration and palpitations. Rudraksha beads are also supposed to have a positive effect on the heart and nerves. They are also known for their anti-ageing effects, and electromagnetic and inductive properties.

This holy Rudraksha beads are used for treatment of cancer and other such types of diseases. The beads can be worn externally or boiled in milk and then the milk is used as a therapeutic. Different Mukhi {Face} Rudraksha powder is also taken with water to improve the pain and is also used for the treatment of more diseases like:

Rudraksha influences various parts of the body as described below-
One Mukhi………………Pineal, pituitary, optic chiasma, hypothalamus
Two Mukhi……….heart Stomach including gastric,processes, breasts, lymphatic, and non blood fluid systems, perspiration and saliva and sympathetic nervous system.
Three Mukhi……………..throat, celica plexus, Sex glands, adrenal glands, red blood cells, throat, celica plexus.
Forur Mukhi…………adrenal, heart , Hands, arms, lungs, sensory, organs, some thyroid gland, adrenal, heart
Five Mukhi………….all major chakra pints, Liver, gallbladder, posterior lobe of the pituitary related to growth and thighs
Six Mukhi………………..root chakra, prostate and other reproductive organs
Seven Mukhi………………optic chiasma, pancreas
Eight Mukhi…………….medulla oblongata, hypothalamus. Limbic system, Sleep disorders
Nine Mukhi…………pineal, pituitary, Skin problems, body pain
Ten Mukhi……….heart power
Eleven Mukhi……….abstract, nerve energy, maintenance, Nervous system disorders
Twelve Mukhi……………Cerebral hemisphere, hiatus of stomach, esophagus
Thirteen Mukhi……………celiac plexus, prostate
Fourteen Mukhi………….heart

Fourteen Mukhi & One Mukhi……… Heart, spine, diaphragm, thymus, blood and veins Pineal, pituitary, optic   chiasma, hypothalamus.

Six Mukhi & Thirteen Mukhi….. Throat, neck, kidneys, secondary connection with sex organs and feet, some thyroid gland influence.

Sevan Mukhi & Fourteen Mukhi ……..Spleen, skeletal system including cartilage, skin, lower leg from the
(For persons aged 29 and older)knee to the ankle and anterior lobe of the pituitary gland related to body type. Mental tension, depression.

Rudraksha Jabalopanishad details about the benefits attributed to different Rudraksha faces.

One faced

One Faced of the Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is the most supreme of all Rudraksha available. The One Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of Dharma, Truth and eternity. The wearer is bestowed with spirituality, wealth, good luck, fame and fortune. The one faced Rudraksha simbolises Lord Shiva.
It is ruled by the Sun and enlightens the Super Consciousness. It brings the power of Dharana to the wearer meaning the power to concentrate the mind on an object. It boosts the will power of the wearer and liberates from all fears. According to Vedas it prevents diseases of head such as stroke, paralysis, Pineal, pituitary, optic chiasma, hypothalamus etc. It is believed that wearing this Rudraksha saves one from untimely death and accidents and ensures longetivity.

Ruling planet : Sun

Mantra:   OM Hareem namah                                                                                                                         

Two Faced

Two faced or the Do Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes Chandra and Surya. The wearer enjoys superior control over the logical and emotional reasoning of the brain. This Rudraksha is known to have harmonizing effect on marital felicity. It aids fulfilment of material desires between husband and wife. This Rudraksha is known to cure infertility, impotence and kidney problems. It relieves  heart related problems , stomach problems including gastric, processes, breasts, lymphatic, and non blood fluid systems, perspiration and saliva and sympathetic nervous system.

Ruling planet: Moon

Mantra:   Om Namah

Three Faced

Three faced or Teen Mukhi Rudraksha is a representation of three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha. The wearer always achieves success in his work. The wearer enjoys better concentration on the subject and enhanced memory. It aids construction thought, wisdom and knowledge. Three Faced Rudraksha has three natural lines. It is the symbol of god Agni ( fire ). The Agni ( fire ) purifies every thing in the same way, the wearer of 3 Faced Rudraksha gets rid of the sins that he had done in his past life. It is the best for those who have fallen prey to inferiority complex or fear stricken and suffer from self hatred or mental strain. It is good to cure depression, amnesia, epilepsy and Parkinson disease. It positive effects can be seen on throat, celica plexus, Sex glands, adrenal glands, red blood cells, celica plexus.

Ruling Planet: Mars

Mantra:  Om kleem Namah

Four Face

Four faced of the Char Mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of the four Vedas. This Rudraksha removes laziness, excess sleeps, and problem of unwanted dreams. The wearer of this Rudraksha never accepts defeat and remains firm on his words. Being influenced by the creative wisdom of the four headed Lord Brahma, it bestows the wearer with creative thoughts and provides him learning and knowledge. The dull mined students must wear it to improve grasping power, wit and intelligence. It is especially good for professionals such as scientists, researchers, intellectuals, artists, writers and journalists.

Wearing it prevents diseases of hypothalamus, cerebellum, medulla oblongata, adrenal, heart , hands, arms, lungs, sensory, organsand  some thyroid glands.
Ruling Planet: Mercury

Mantra:  OM Hareem namah

Five Faced

The five faced or the Panch Mukhi Rudraksha is the most commonly available of the all. Yet its significance should not be underestimated. It symbolises the five Pandavas, the five unrivalled warriors in their own realms. The wearer will perform extraordinary in all fields i.e. Intelligence, business, devotion to shiva, all the senses, words, devotion to parents wife sons, truthful, love etc. It bestows all leisure and comforts to the wearer and liberates from all human ill wishes. By wearing its mala the wearer’s mind remains peaceful and free of all doubts. It keeps the blood pressure normal and the fear of untimely death disappears. If three beads of Five faced Rudraksha are dipped overnight in water in a glass and the water drank in the morning on empty stomach, then the person gets free from blood pressure and related illnesses. It has a calm effect on the all major chakra points, Liver, gallbladder, posterior lobe of the pituitary related to growth and thighs.

Ruling Planet : Jupiter

Mantra:  Om Namah Shivaya

Six Faced

Six Face rudrakshas helps to build and increases emotional character. The person who wears this Rudraksha become calm and quite like the Moon and saves from worldly sorrows. Six faced Rudraksha is the center of the power of Lord Shiva’s second son, Kumar Kartikeya. It keeps the anger, jealousy, excitation under control in the body of the wearer. These virtues like Love ,Kindness , Attraction Etc  will be good and strong .It improve the intellectual area in our brain  which controls  how to love and appreciate others. Good in the prevention of eyes, nose, throat, sexual organs, kidneys, and bladder related diseases.

Planet: Venus

Mantra: Om Hreem Ham Namah

Seven Faced

Seven faced or the Saat Mukhi Rudraksha represent the power of seven seas. This Rudraksha provides such an immense knowledge to the wearer that he proves incomparable in group discussions in the meeting. This Rudraksha provides firmness to the wearer and is especially good for people with administrative jobs. It represents Goddess Mahalaxmi. Good health and wealth is blesses to him who wears Seven Faced Rudraksha. Those who are suffering from miseries pertaining to body, finance and mental set-up should wear it. Seven face Rudrakshas bring  pleasure,peace ,cheerfulnesss,simplicity ,easiness and happiness in the person while wearing. It strengthens digestive system in the body. Good for preventing cold, cough, bronchitis, rheumatism.

Ruling Planet : Saturn

Mantra : Om Hum Namah

Eight Faced

Eight faced or the Aath Mukhi Rudrakhsa is a symbol of eight mountains and has power of mountains. This Rudraksha is highest among the seven Power i.e. Sumeru. The wearer of this Rudraksha gets success in all of the ventures. Eight faced Rudraksha is the second form of reflection of the first son of Lord Ganesh and is one who is worshipped prior to other gods. Eight faces rudraksha have the energies for success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. Eight face is a vital instrument in strengthening one’s will power and converting even an enemy into a friend. It uses before new work/venture to bring good fortune in work and businesses or services is well influential. It is also the demolisher of arrogance, egoism and pride when adorned. Those people having mental troubles, insomnia as well as having habits of excessive expenditure finds eight faces the best remedy for the solutions of their problems. Diseases of  medulla oblongata, hypothalamus. Limbic system, Sleep disorders are prevented by wearing this Rudraksha.

Ruling Planet: Rahu

Mantra: Om Hum Namah

Nine Faced

Nine faced Rudraksha is the form of the Goddess Durga (Shakti). It contains the power of Nine Deities. By wearing nine faced Rudraksha the man gets blessings from Durga Shakti, the Supreme Mother. By this the wearer gets endurance, bravery, courage, and his name and fame spreads all round. His devotion in god increases. His will power is strengthened. Wearing it stimulates the nine hormones within the body. It improves will-power, body strength, invokes fearlessness, dynamism leading to a balanced healthy life. Those who are prone to fatal diseases of a mysterious nature will be benefited by use of nine faces. Nine mukhi beads will help to destroy sins, injustice, irreligion, cruelty, laziness and evil habits. It relieves in pineal, pituitary, Skin problems and body pain.

Ruling Planet : Ketu

Mantra: Om Hreem  Hum Namah

Ten Faced

This Rudraksha is related to Laxmi Narayan and represents all the ten forms of him. Lord Narayan removes all sins and the provider of comforts and happiness in life. Ten face one of the most powerful rudrakshas has wide variety of benefits. Wearing it attracts luck and prosperity, helps to attain wealthy life, works as divine protection tool from all kind of  negative forces, energies and spirits .It calms the nerves, quiets the mind, and relieves depression. It brings out the inner spiritual energies leading to self healing . From the experiences with many people we have seen that it improves business and social life. This rudraksha is known to increase the power of heart muscles.

Ruling Planet : No Ruling Planet

Mantra:  Shree Narayane Namah

Eleven Faced

This rudraksha symbolises the power of Lord Hanuman. The wearer of this Rudraksha have the blessing of Hanumaan ji. This Rudraksha destroys thousands of enemies and protects the wearer from all tantric effects. This Rudraksha has eleven shakti in it. If any person does not get success in his works; he should wear this Rudraksha for siddhi. The wearer of this Rudraksha should go to the temple of Hanumaaji on Tuesday and Saturdays and should not use hair oil on Saturdays. This Rudraksha kill all evil powers, every sin, and provides all kinds of comforts and happiness. It makes the wearer strong, wise, healthy and without disease. Wearing it one gets success in each and every work he/she do. In other words everyone gets fulfillment of their respective wishes. Good for diseases like chronic body pain, backache, alcoholism, and liver. This rudraksha is known to have good effect on nerve energy, maintenance and nervous system disorders.

Ruling Planet : No Ruling Planet

Mantra: Om Shree Rudray Namah

Tweleve Faced

The twelve Faced or the Barah Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the rare Rudrskha available. This Rudraksha belongs to Twelve Panth. The world is run by Terah Mukh i.e. four faced Brahmma, Tri(three) Mukh Vishnu, Chah(six) Mukhi Shankar. The wearer of this Rudraksha gets all the blessing of the above deities. The person who wears this Rudraksha gets merit equivalent to the donating 108 cows. The wearer of this Rudraksha gets the quality of Surya to move continuously with brilliant radiance and strength. This Rudraksha gives knowledge and riches and all the earthly pleasures and is found miraculously effective. It helps in one’s personal honesty and integrity, and the ability to command respect and authority, to impress and influence others. It is good for Job seeker and people looking for higher positions in work. Twelve faces improve leadership qualities and put the person in forefront. It gives intellectual capabilities. Diseases like bone diseases, rickets, osteoporosis will get improvement by using it. It also cures diseases related to Cerebral hemisphere, hiatus of stomach and esophagus.

Ruling Planet: No Ruling Planet

Mantra: Om Kraum Srum Raum Namah

Thirteen Faced

The wearer of this Rudraksha gets the thirteen Ratna (Gems) by the blessing of Lord Shiva. This Rudraksha removes all kind of Diseases from the Body of the wearer of this Rudraksha. This Rudraksha possess the power of thirteen Sant ( Saints). This is one of the most rare and significant of all the Rudraksha found. Thirteen faced Rudraksha is the form of the king Indra. Lord Indra becomes happy, if it is worn. It gives riches. It prepares the person to tackle the physical challenges you are likely to encounter in future. Even in difficult situations one can overcome with ease. Wearing this bead along with other rudraksha beads lead to faster manifestation of their result. According to the feedback received from numerous clients, wearing this rudraksha helps to attract opportunities for search of right partner, maintain relationship which are on the verge of breaking. It is known to cure celiac plexus and  prostate related issues.

Ruling Planet: No Ruling Planet

Mantra:  Om Hreem Namah

Fourteen Faced

This Rudraksha represents the fourteen art and skill forms. This Rudraksha opens the opportunity of knowledge to the wearer of this Rudraksha. The wearer of this Rudraksha gets success in all of his works. This Rudraksha make the wearer sharp and intelligent. It removes all the sins and the wearer gets the liberation in the end. It maintains good health, increases prosperity and knowledge. Wearing or placing them in cash box, this rudraksha helps in making good profits in business, shows the power and capabilities of attracting clients to business. It has abilities of reviving stagnant business to speedy recovery and success. Practitioners shall be able to see changes in terms of monetary gains, a success in ventures and free from all financial difficulty. It protects from ill effects of Saturn. This rudraksha relieves from heart troubles.

Ruling Planet: No Ruling Planet

Mantra:  Om Namah

 Scientific Explanations of the  Rudrakshya Thearpy.

Rudrakasha beads have several amazing powers due to their electromagnetic character. This Electromagnetic character empowers the bead to cure the human body medically as well as spiritually.

Electrical Properties: The human body can be considered as a complex Bio Electronic Circuit consisting of the whole of Nervous System and all other organs residing inside the human body. Number of Electrical impulses are generated by the human body due to different reflex actions taking place, continuous pumping of heart for blood circulation, Neurons and nervous system etc. The ability to send out subtle electrical impulses & Inductive vibrations and act as a Dielectric as in a capacitor to store electrical energy. This is termed as Bioelectricity. All the work of our sense organs depends on the subtle flow of Bioelectricity current. Thus all the actions our body performs are effectively controlled. The Bioelectric current is produced due to the difference in the energy levels of different body parts. This smooth flow of Bioelectric current causes the properly controlled functioning of the body parts.

Bio Electric Circuit-There is a third element in the Body and Brain called the Bio Electronic circuit Interface, that of the mind. Any activity that can produce stress or maladjustment can throw the streamlined activity, the Electronic circuit of the Body& Mind out of gear. Human beings and all living beings are prone to stress continuously in the continuous fight for survival and prosperity.

In modern age with intense competition the Stress levels have increased tremendously. Almost every individual has problems of Stress and Stress related ailments like insomnia, alcoholism, depression, Maladjustments, heart diseases, skin diseases etc. Any Doctor will confirm that almost 95% of the ailments are Psychosomatic or Stress related (i.e.) originating from Mind. When there is Stress or Maladjustment corresponding Stress signals are sent to the Central Nervous systems, there is an increased activity or abnormal of Neurons and Neuro transmitters. The magnitude of change will depend on the cause and specific case. When such a thing occurs and it occurs continuously, streamlined flow of electrical signals throughout the Mind-Body interface is disrupted and it makes us feel uncomfortable and we are not able to act with our full efficiency. Our Blood circulation becomes Non-ideal and we feel various illnesses. Unfortunately this happens all the time.

Rudraksha beads act as a Stabilizing Anchor. Rudraksha beads’ electrical property can be broadly categorized into:

Resistance: There is continuous and subtle flow of bioelectrical signal throughout the body due to potential difference between parts of the Body. Rudraksha beads of particular Mukhis or Facets have a definitive Factor of Resistance. It is measured in Ohms. When these beads resist the flow of bioelectrical impulses a specific ampere of current flow is generated depending on the factor of resistance. This acts in tandem with heartbeat, streamlining it and sending out specific impulses to brain. These impulses stimulate certain positive brain chemicals. Making us feel better, more confidants, poised and more energetic. It has been observed that specific Mukhis or Facets of Rudraksha beads send out specific signals acting on a particular brain chemical and thereby by effecting specific positive changes in personality. It is well proven that the state of mind and our personality is governed almost completely by the Brain, it’s functioning and that of Central Nervous System

Capacitance or the Dielectric Properties -Rudraksha beads act as dielectric (i.e.) as a storage of electrical energy. This property of Rudraksha makes it capable in stabilizing and anchoring the Bioelectric current. The values are measured in units of Farad. This property is very helpful in controlling hyperactivity, palpitations of heart, streamlining heartbeat etc. Due to stress when there is increased physical activity heart beats faster and the overall activity of hormones and nervous system increases. This causes increased energy levels or increase in potential difference. As a result of this the magnitude of the Bioelectric Current increases. Rudraksha beads acting as Dielectric store this excess Bioelectric Energy, thereby streamlining the overall activity to Normalcy.

Inductance:Rudraksha beads by it have permanent magnetic properties. They have been observed to send out Inductive vibrations with frequencies measured in units of Henry (Volt Seconds/Ampere). This perhaps is the reason why people have felt better even when Rudraksha beads do not touch them physically.

Magnetic Properties:Rudraksha beads have Both Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic with the most important property of Dynamic Polarity We all are most probably aware of the beneficial healing properties of magnets. Magnetic Healing is becoming extremely popular off late and everyone who have been using magnets for healing have been getting the benefits and found overall betterment and rejuvenation. Rudraksha beads retain most of the properties of Magnets but it is unparallel in one aspect, that of the ability to change it’s polarity or the Property of Dynamic Polarity. The basic way of healing is based on the fact that the when the passage of arteries and veins which carry blood to and from Heart to all the parts of the body is blocked or reduced due to variety of reasons, various illnesses creep. Blood carries oxygen and energy to various parts of the body and cleanses it off waste materials. Any disruption of the smooth flow of Blood circulation is bound to cause illnesses.

We experience pain and uneasiness due to improper blood circulation. Every cell in the blood as well as the Arteries and veins are charged either positively or negatively. Magnets have the poles Positive (+) and Negative (-).When magnets are passed on various parts of the body the opposite poles of the magnets and that of cells get attracted and there is an expansion of the passage .The Arteries and veins open up to facilitate streamlined blood circulation. When there is a streamlining of blood circulation most of the illnesses get automatically healed and we feel better and rejuvenated.But with magnets the polarity is fixed. When magnets are brought near a particular part of the body it opens up only those sections of veins and arteries where there is a matching of polarities hence complete healing and streamlining of blood circulation cannot be ensured. We experience healing and feel better but we can still go much further with Dynamic Polarity of Rudraksha beads.

Dyanamic Polarity-Rudraksha has the ability to-Change it’s polarity. This in turn is by virtue of its property, Diamagnetism. Diamagnetism is termed as the ability of any material to acquire temporary magnetic property in presence of an external magnetic field. The polarity of the charge induced is opposite to that of the external field inducing the charge. Blood circulation and heart beat automatically induces a magnetic field around the body and particularly the heart Region. Bioelectricty automatically gives raise to Biomagnetism Depending on the polarity of the Induced magnetic field. Rudraksha bead acquires a polarity that is opposite of the inducing field. As a result of this the opening up the passages of Arteries and Veins are far better than that of magnets. Much better healing and rejuvenation is experienced.

Various Literatures mention of powerful Anti Ageing properties of Rudraksha beads.This is mainly because of the Dynamic Polarity of the Rudraksha a bead thus the healing powers of Rudraksha are far superior to that of Magnets. In some sense Rudraksha beads can be termed to have some additional life or Intelligence as against Magnets.