Yoga Therapy for Cell Phone  Radiation

With an already lengthy list of hazardous necessities and habits that we have cultivated to match the pace of our modern living, one I can argue that you cant live without is your cell phone. No matter what researchers say this device is here to stay. Various researches have highlighted the negative effects of radiation on our body and indicated that these could lead to cancer in extreme cases. However mobile companies and various others reject this notion stating that the period of research is less for a credible result. Various governments have pro-actively taken various initiatives to ensure their citizens remain safe. The French government has made it mandatory that every mobile phone sold in France must provide Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) along with a recommendation to use a hands-free kit.

What Is Radiation And How

Does It Affect You

Types Of Radiation –

What is radiation? Radiation is a form of energy. It keeps moving. It travels in the form of waves.

It comes in other forms too. You have objects radiating energy in the form of waves or particles.

It travels in space in straight lines. It penetrates all objects. It can also be absorbed by objects

Ionizing & Non Ionizing

You have two types of radiation. You are told that one is the ionizing and the other is non ionizing. Ionizing radiations leave harmful effects on you. They can cause Cancers. Gamma and X Rays are examples.

When you study what is radiation, you learn that ionizing radiation comes from unstable atoms. When an atom has excess energy it gives off that energy in the form of radiation. It has powers to harm you.

Examples of Radiation

If you ask ‘what is radiation’ and ask me to explain it with examples, heat, light, radio waves, and micro waves are all examples of radiation. Your mobile signals and the movies on your TV are further examples.

In fact your body cells communicate with each other by this kind of radiation. It is electromagnetic in nature. Your body cells produce electricity from the mitochondria which are miniature power stations.

Electromagnetic Radiation

To know what is radiation, and its electro magnetic nature, you have to recall your physics. When an electric current travels, it produces an electric field. Simultaneously it creates a magnetic energy field as well.

This magnetic field is created ever perpendicular to the direction of the electric current. When this magnetic field interacts with the electric field, it creates a new energy field called electro magnetic energy field.


Used For Communication

If you ask what is radiation and how it is used for communications, I shall explain it with this electromagnetic field generated around traveling electricity. This field propagates itself in the form of waves.

It can carry information. The visual, audio, and video transmissions use this property and superimpose info on the carrier waves. These electro magnetic waves propagate and are capable of acting at long distances.

Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing or non ionizing, all radiations are em waves. These travel in space with specific wave lengths and frequencies. Ionizing Radiation comes from unstable atoms loaded with excess energy.

Such atoms are present in many radio active substances. These are unstable. To regain stability these atoms release this excess energy in wave forms. The energy given out like this constitutes their radiation.

Effects Of Radiation-

Cell phone Radiation may cause many Chronic and Incurable Diseases. It Disrupts DNA repairs, leads to Genetic Damage, Cell Dysfunction, Rise of Free Radicals in cells, and Cellular Death. The protein censors on your cell membranes are damaged. It causes damages to tissue, organs or organism functions. It causes toxins reaching the blood brain barrier to gain entry into brain. These damage brain cells, and cause brain damage, or brain dysfunction. Increased accumulation of toxins inside the cells causes DNA to die. It results in cellular dysfunction. It also leads to cellular deaths. Glucose ATP reaction is inhibited. This results in loss of energy as the glucose is not properly synthesized. A World Health Organization panel has concluded that cellphones are “possibly carcinogenic,’’ putting the popular devices in the same category as certain dry cleaning chemicals and pesticides, as a potential threat to human health.

You can find out what the Cell phone Radiation may cause many Chronic and Incurable Diseases. It Disrupts DNA repairs, leads to Genetic Damage, Cell Dysfunction, Rise of Free Radicals in cells, and Cellular Death. The protein censors on your cell membranes are damaged. It causes damages to tissue, organs or organism functions. It causes toxins reaching the blood brain barrier to gain entry into brain. These damage brain cells, and cause brain damage, or brain dysfunction. Increased accumulation of toxins inside the cells causes DNA to die. It results in cellular dysfunction. It also leads to cellular deaths. Glucose ATP reaction is inhibited. This results in loss of energy as the glucose is not properly synthesized. A World Health Organization panel has concluded that cellphones are “possibly carcinogenic,’’ putting the popular devices in the same category as certain dry cleaning chemicals and pesticides, as a potential threat to human health.

Signs & Symptoms –

You can find out what the Signs & Symptoms of Radiation Sickness & Poisoning are here, but the basics are:

Short Term Memory Loss

Loss of Concentration

Impaired mental function or “brainfog”

Chronic headaches

Digestive disorders

Sleep disturbance

Memory Loss


Chronic pain

Chronic colds & flus

Dizziness, “mindfog”

tinnitus (ringing in the ears)


Rotator cuff injuries

Increased risk of brain cancer.


constant body pain,



Neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.),

Heart problems and cancer.


skin damage

sperm abnormalities

DNA damage

salivary gland cancer

Increased blood pressure

psychological problems

Nausea and vomiting



Hair loss

Infections, open sores & poor wound healing

Cause Of Radiation
Side Effects

The effects of these calamities and how you suffered are in your brain’s registry. When you are exposed to aggressive radiations, your brain checks its registry scanning for similar wave lengths in its past records.

If its wave length matches a catastrophe, it starts protection, spends energy needed for vital functions, and neglects your essential needs.

So Called Studies

Even though the media reports that cell phones are safe or that there is no proven risk, know that the industry has made them believe this with their so called studies, that were not genuine research projects.


World Health Organization –

The claims of these researches have also been backed by the World Health Organization. The ill effects of radiation can be observed even at the cellular level, where complex protein structures are found to be deformed when exposed to radiation. Keeping a cell phone close to head while sleeping can disrupt sound sleep and causes lethargy when the person awakes.

International Agency for Research on Cancer –

The finding, from the agency’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, adds to concerns among a small but growing group of experts about the health effects of low levels of radiation emitted by cellphones. The panel, which consisted of 31 scientists from 14 countries, was led by Dr. Jonathan M. Samet, a physician and epidemiologist at the University of Southern California and a member of President Obama’s National Cancer Advisory Board. WHO’s International Agency for Research of Cancer team that worked on the study included 31 scientists from 14 countries. The results, which found that exposure to cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” aren’t entirely shocking but rather sobering more than anything else.

Dr. Carlo’s Findings

The first study by the industry with Dr. George Carlo and his team proved these health hazards of cell phones beyond doubt. Though the industry suppressed it, Dr. Carlo revealed these reports to the media.

Dr. Carlo’s findings have been confirmed by more than 300 separate researches from various parts of the world. The cell phone barons were at work again to see that these reports did not reach lime light.

Crisis Looms Large

So long, the industry had manipulated the media and kept the public in the dark about cell phones. Day by day more diseases are caused by cell phones. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are the latest additions.

The diseases grow rapidly. The number of brain cancers that was 40,000 in 2006 is likely to cross 400,000 in 2010. It confirms that a big crisis looms large over our society due to cell phone radiation.

Top Australian neurosurgeon Dr. Vini Khurana analyzed more than 100 studies and concluded that using mobile phones for more than 10 years could double the risk of brain cancer.

Dr Ronald B. Herberman, a prominent cancer doctor and the director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, wrote a memo to the hospital’s 3,000 faculty and staff members urging them to take precautions when using their mobile phones. Although no definitive link has been found, he advised that people should not wait until future studies be completed before taking precautionary measures.

Environmental Health Trust’s

(NaturalNews) As reported in the Environmental Health Trust’s latest newsletter, cell phones have now been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED). While numerous studies have shown that cell phone radiation leads to human sperm death and damage and decreased fertility, the new report of increased erectile dysfunction is sending shock waves through the men’s health community.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to attain or maintain a penile erection sufficient for successful sexual intercourse and is a very common clinical condition that can affect up to 50% of men over 40 years old. Among the known risk factors for ED are diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity and hypercholesterolemia.

The damning results of the preliminary study

In the preliminary study published last year in the Central European Journal of Urology, medical teams in Austria and Egypt found that men who carried switched-on cell phones for longer periods of time had a notably greater incidence of ED than men who carried switched-on phones for lesser periods of time.

For the study, the researchers recruited 20 consecutive men complaining of erectile dysfunction (ED) for at least six months (Group A), and another group of 10 healthy men with no complaints of ED (Group B). According to the researchers, there was no significant difference between either group regarding age, weight, height, smoking, total testosterone or exposure to other known sources of radiation.

All men completed the German version of the Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM) for evaluation of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF), as well as another questionnaire designed by the study clinicians that assessed cell phone usage habits.

The men in the study who had erectile dysfunction carried switched-on  Cell Phones  for an average of 4.4 hours daily, whereas the men without erectile dysfunction averaged 1.8 hours.

Since the preliminary study was small-scale, the researchers concluded that the results indicated a need for larger-scaled studies. However, if past history is an indicator, the Cell Phones  industry can be expected to vigorously contest any negative conclusions and endeavor to produce results favorable to the industry.

•          Cell phones emit radio frequency radiation (RF). RF has been shown to damage cellular DNA, which may lead to cancerous mutations. Even low-level RF exposure causes the body to create heat stress proteins, a temporarily protective measure that is harmful if this stress response is chronic.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified cell phone radiation as a Class 2B Carcinogen – the same class as the pesticide DDT and lead!
  • According to the Environmental Working Group, childrens’ brains absorb twice the amount of cell phone radiation as adults’ brains (source)
  • Studies on the health effects of cell phone radiation have mixed results. But does funding bias contribute to the controversial results? This study published in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal found that industry-funded research was vastly more likely to show no health effects (72% – no effect, 28% – effect) versus independently-funded research (67% – effect, 33% – no effect).
  • As recorded in the book Zapped, Dr. Ronald Herberman, M.D., a director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, said, “Although the evidence is controversial, I am convinced thatthere are sufficient data to warrant issuing an advisory to share some precautionary advice on cell phone use.” He counseled his staff to limit the amount of time they spend on their cell phones and to avoid making calls in public places “where you can passively expose others to your phone’s electromagnetic fields.”
  • The BioInitiative Report has compiled up-to-date research on the effects of EMFs and RFs. According to the document, which can be viewed here (PDF), “The great strength of the BioInitiative Report ( is that it has been done independent of governments, existing bodies and industry professional societies that have clung to old standards. Precisely because of this, the BioInitiative Report presents a solid scientific and public health policy assessment that is evidence-based.”
  • According to the BioInitiative report, “Roughly, 1800 new studies have been published [between 2007 and 2012] reporting effects at [radiation/EMF] exposure levels ten to hundreds or thousands of times than allowed under safety limits in lower most countries of the world.”

Scientific Study By DR. Gandhi-

It was the year 1996. Dr. Om Gandhi had studied the penetration rates of cell phone radiation into the heads of 5 year old kids, 10 year old kids, and adults. He compared the average specific absorption rates.

All parents who want to gift cell phones for kids must know his findings. He measured the radiation absorbed in milli watts per kilo gram. He showed that kids absorbed more radiation by 3 to 6 times than adults.

Body Part Radiation Absorbed in milli Watt/kg
Detail In Adults In 10 year old Kids In 5 year old Kids
Head 7.84 19.77 33.12
Eye Fluid 3.30 18.38 40.18
Eye Lens 1.34 6.93 15.60
Connective Tissue 1.77 9.8 19.69

Shocking Differences

The difference in the radiation absorption rates is highly shocking. This puts your kids in that much additional risk to develop cancer and other diseases. Remember this when you think of gifting cell phones to kids.

These big differences in exposure potentially signify serious health risks to kids from radio waves. This risk for kids is far greater than for adults. The kids are much more likely to develop genetic damage and cancer.

Death Traps

Cell phones for kids are death traps which ensnare them and kill them. Kids are more susceptible to genetic damage because the tissues in their brains and limbs are still growing and their cells are rapidly dividing.

Damage to the chromosome or the genetic material in kids’ growing cells can result in disruption of cellular functions, cell death, development of tumors, and damage to the immune functions and the nervous systems.

More Susceptible

If you want that your children should die too soon, think about the cell phones for kids. The protective systems that allow for adaptation for environmental aggressions are not yet fully developed in your children.

For example, these protective systems develop and grow until your kid is in his or her early twenties. Therefore, this additional susceptibility of your kid calls for additional protection from cell phone radiation.

How yoga can help

Yoga can provide several healing benefits for people with various types of Illness. For example, yoga can help by:

Physiological Health Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga Increases Yoga Decreases Yoga Normalizes
            Immunity

            Rejuvation

            Posture improves

            Endurance

            Energy level

            Muscular strength increase

            Cardiovascular efficiency

            Musculoskeletal flexibility

            Galvanic skin response

            Stable autonomic nervous system

            EEG – alpha waves

            Respiratory efficiency

            Breath-holding time

            Grip strength

            Steadiness

            Excretory function

            Reaction time

            Sensory and motor organs coordination

            Sleep

            strength and stamina

            Panic Attacks

            Dizziness

            Respiratory rate

            Pulse rate

            Blood pressure

            EMG activity decreases

            Headache

            Stomachache

            Tridoshas

            Gastrointestinal function normalizes

            Endocrine function

            Autonomic nervous function

            Body weight

            Blood pressure normalize

Psychological Health Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga Increases Yoga Decreases Yoga Normalizes
            Somatic and kinesthetic awareness

            Positive attitude

            Mood and feeling of subjective well-being

            Self-acceptance

            Social adjustment and social skills

            Concentration

            Memory

            Self attention

            Learning efficiency

            Self-actualization

            Depth perception

            Mind/Body neuro connection improves

            Balance improves

            Steadiness improves

            Will Power

            Healing injured back muscles

Speeding time to recover from an injury

Preventing re-injury

·          Helping maintain a regular level of daily activities and avoid disability

Among other things.

            Stress

            Frustration

            Anxiety

            Depression

            Hostility

            Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

            Hysteria

            Insomnia

            Fatigue

            premenstrual tension

            Examination Fever

            Mental exertion

            Difficulty in retention

            Frequent Mistakes

            Anger

            Trigunas

            Emotions

            Harmonal balance

Bio-Chemical Health Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga Increases Yoga Decreases Yoga Normalizes
            HDL cholesterol

            Cholinesterase

            ATP

            Hemoglobin

            Lymphocyte count

            Thyroxin

            Vitamin C

            Total serum protein

            LDL cholesterol

            Human growth hormone (HGH)

            VLDL cholesterol

            Melatonin

            Glucose

            Sodium

            Total cholesterol

            Triglycerides

            Catecholamine

            Total W.B.C count

            Metabolism

            Vitamins

            Protein

            Minerals

Yogic Cure { Yoga Therapy for Cell Radiation }

 1]Shatkarma                             { Purificatory techniques }

{a} Jal-neti                               { Nose wash by water}

{b} Kapal Bhati                      { Lungs & Brain wash by Breathing }

[2]Yogasanas                                 {Posture}             {Time}

{a} Vajrasana                              {Adamantine}      1-3 minutes

{b} Servangasana                        {Shoulder Stand}         1-3 minutes

{c} Bhujangasana                      {Cobra posture}   1-3 minutes

{d} Makrasana                           {Crocodile}

{e} Pavanmuktasana {Wind-release}    10-30 seconds {2-4 times}

{f} Halasana                    {Plough }

{g} Paschimottasana  {  Posteriar Stretch }      10-30 seconds {2-4times}

{h} Padahastasana          2- 10  Seconds  {2-4times}

{i} Sarvangasana    {Shoulder stand}          10-30 seconds {2-4times}

{j} Trikonasana      {Tringle Pose}  2- 5 seconds {4-6 times}

{k} Shavasana          {Corpse}                                     5-10 minutes

[3]Pranayama                           {Body-mind energising breathing practices}

{a} Anulom –vilom            {Alternate nostrilar pranayama}

{b} Bhastrika

 [4]Bandhas:-                                  {Bands}

{a}   Uddiayana Bandha              {Abdominal lock}

{b} Moola Bandha                        { Anal Lock }

 [5]Mudras:                                   {Finger –posture}

{a} Gyan Mudra

{b} Pran Mudra

{c} Surbhi Mudra

  [6]Dhayan                                    {Meditation}                             

  {7}Yogic diet:-


Dietary Solutions

Seaweed is a great natural healing solution. They can help reduce strontium 90 radiation by as much as 90%. The better seaweeds for this purpose are:





Irish Moss





Iceland Moss

Red marine algae and

Blue-green algae

Seaweeds also increase oxygen flow to the brain, which cell phone use may deteriorate. Seaweeds are conveniently available in capsule form or may be sprinkled on salads.


Blueberries are also a good option. Available both in berry form and in juices and smoothies, blueberries are excellent for the eyes and overall eye health and greatly improve night vision.


Scientific Explanation-

Research has shown that yoga can be used to control physical functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, metabolism, body temperature,  brain waves, and skin resistance. This can result in improved physical fitness & Immunity, Increase or decrease of all elements in the body, calmness,Harmonal balance, lower levels of stress, and increased feelings of relaxation and well-being.

According to a report to the National Institutes of Health, there is also some evidence to suggest yoga may be helpful when used with conventional medical treatment to help relieve some of the symptoms linked to cancer, asthma, diabetes, drug addiction, high blood pressure, heart disease, and migraine headaches. Other studies have shown limited benefit. Yoga may also help to reduce cholesterol levels when used with diet and exercise. Randomized clinical trials have shown that yoga can help relieve the pain of arthritis and may also help anxiety, stress, and depression.

One small clinical trial showed that people with lymphoma reported fewer sleep disturbances, fell asleep more quickly, and slept longer after a seven-week yoga program, compared to patients who did not participate in yoga. However, the patients showed no improvement in depression or fatigue. More well-designed research studies are needed to confirm all of these findings. Recent studies of cancer survivors, especially women who have had breast cancer, suggest yoga may help improve several aspects of quality of life.

Further Suggestion –

Why not take the better-safe-than-sorry approach? As suggested by Dr Herberman, here are some ways to limit exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones:

  1. Do not allow children to use mobile phones except in emergencies.
  2. Whenever possible, use the speakerphone mode or a wireless Bluetooth set.
  3. Avoid carrying your mobile phone on your body at all times.
  4. Only use your mobile phone to establish contact or for conversations lasting a few minutes, as the biological effects are directly related to the duration of exposure.
  5. Switch sides regularly while communicating on your mobile phone to spread your exposure. Before putting your phone to the ear, wait until the other person has picked up. This limits the exposure to the more powerful signal that’s initially being emitted.
  6. Avoid using your mobile phone when the signal is weak or when moving at high speed such as in a car or train, as this automatically increases power to maximum levels as the phone repeatedly attempts to connect to a new relay antenna.
  7. When possible, communicate via text messaging rather than making a call, as texting limits the duration of exposure and places the phone farther away from the body.
  8. Choose a device with the lowest SAR rating possible. The SAR is the device’s Specific Absorption Rate, which is a measure of the strength of the magnetic field absorbed by the body. SAR ratings of contemporary phones by different manufacturers can be found here or on other websites on the Internet.

Yogi Yoganand