Female Sterility


Female Sterility means infertility or in other words we can say, female suffering from female sterility has inability to produce offspring.

Infertility in females refers to the incapacity to conceive and give birth to a living baby. Female sterility is a type of the following medical conditions in our database:

  • Uterus Conditions.
  • Infertility.
  • Ovary Conditions.
  • Fallopian Tube Conditions.

Some females get sterility from a doctor themselves, in order to not have babies in future. It is done a tubal ligation, which is a surgery to “tie the tubes” (fallopian tubes) of a woman which causes permanent sterility by preventing transport of the egg (ovum) to the uterus, and by blocking the passage of sperm up the tube to the ovulating ovary where fertilization normally occurs.


Emotional stress, anxiety and depression are the psychosomatic factors that might trigger this problem. It has been noted that the depth of vaginal cavity is different in each female. If a woman has a long middle finger, it is said that she might need a long male organ in order to have safe sexual intercourse. Acidic secretions, especially the presence of lactic secretion in the vagina may kill all the sperms in the vagina. A healthy sex life is absolutely essential for a woman to conceive. Scanty and painful menses, excessive flow during the menstrual cycle, imperforate hymen, physical defects, diabetes, fibroid tumors, enlarged uterus, loss of essential glands or disease in organs of reproduction may cause sterility.


  • Absence of a regular menstrual cycle should trigger concern, as this is one of the first conditions of female sterility.
  • If a person is suffering from acute anemia, it may eventually lead to infertility.
  • Urinary hesitancy, high blood pressure and even burning sensation or pain during urination may lead to this condition.
  • Stress, tension, depression or anxiety might lead to psychosomatic sterility.
  • If women undergo immense pain during sexual intercourse, the problem might lead to sterility.

Yogic cure:-

  [1] Shatkarma                                                {Purificatory techniques}

{a}  Nouli Kriya

 [2] Yogasanas                                              {Posture}

{a} Salbhasana

{b} Sarvangasana

{c} Paschimottanasana

{d} Vajrasana



{G} Supta Vajrasana

{H} Sirshasana

{I }Setubandhasana

 [3] Pranayama                  {Body-mind energising breathing practices}

{a} Anulome Vilome

{b}  Kapal Bhati

{c}  Bhastrika

[4]Bandhas:-                                                {Bands}

{a}  Mool Bandha

 [5]Mudras:-                                                 {Finger –posture}

{a} Apan Mudra

{b} Gyan Mudra

{c} Aakash Mudra

 [6] Dhayan                                                        {Meditation}

Scientific explanation:-

What is yoga for fertility?

Yoga for fertility is an energizing form of exercise that encourages relaxation at the deepest level. The Fertile Secret yoga combines specialized postures, breathing, guided imagery, relaxation techniques and group support to enhance reproductive function in both men and women.

The Fertile Secret yoga class has been created with every level of yoga practitioner in mind. Whether a beginner or advanced student, you will be guided through a variety of sequences to support your fertility, opening to new levels of awareness both physically and emotionally.   Come to a fertility yoga class to experience the deep calm available to each of us when we shift into a new frame of mind: a state of open receptivity to the inherent potential that lies within.

Practicing fertility yoga encourages conception by:

  •  Reducing stress
    •    Increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs
    •    Opening the pelvic and hip region
    •    Aligning the spine
    •    Releasing toxins
    •    Releasing emotional tension
    •    Regulating the endocrine system
    •    Elevating mood
    •    Relieving insomnia
  • Improve female reproductive health
  • Helps maintain menstrual cycle regularity
  • Supports healthy, regular ovulation and egg production
  • Encourages healthy fertility hormone levels
  • Yoga benefits support healthy conditions for conception
  • Promotes healthy libido and sexual pleasure
  • Maintains balanced mood for sustained well-being
  • Promotes overall systemic health and functioning


Studies are confirming the link between stress reduction and increased conception rates. One study by Harvard researcher Alice Domar PhD showed that 55% of infertility patients who participated in her mind body program for a 10-week period (which included yoga and meditation) conceived, compared to 20% in the control group when tested after one year. (3&4)
Mind body techniques such as yoga have also been shown to improve in vitro fertilization success rates by lowering stress hormones. In a behavioral study of 151 women undergoing IVF, birth rates were 93% higher for women with the lowest stress and depression levels. (5) Conversely, high stress rates were shown to diminish IVF success rates. (6)

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Further suggestion:-

Home Remedies For Infertility:

While discussing about the natural remedies for infertility in men and women, home remedies cannot be ignored. The home remedies for infertility in women will include them in going through a fertility diet, which means completely shunning fast foods, junk foods, sugars, and canned foods. They must opt for the raw and organic fruits and vegetables, as mentioned earlier. Cooking the vegetables can also be ignored in order to obtain the nutrients fully.

Another important home remedies for infertility in women is that, they should avoid consuming soy products, as it can lead to hormone imbalance and is considered as processed food. Replace the soy milk with almond, hemp or rice milk.


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