Increase your height through yoga       

Ever wanted to be taller? Do you understand the that much at the age of 25, you can significantly augment taller? What leads it significantly bigger is that you can do it naturally and safely. Here, most info and exercises will be handed out to appreciation rate regardless of age. There are a lot of ways to increase height naturally. Increasing the levels of growth hormones in the body is one of the most important things. And if you are a teenager, you need not worry about this because it is at this point that you produce growth hormones in large quantities and automatically.

For those aged above 20 on the other hand will need to force the production of their growth hormone. One great way to do this is through stretching exercises. Stretching is very essential in increasing height naturally since stretching produces lactate which is an important factor in making the production of the growth hormone active. When the growth hormone levels of the body are increase, this will make the body’s cartilages thicker and the density levels of the bone which results to height gain.

Combining a right diet and the stretching exercises will even be more effective. Eating right will help strengthen your bones which can help in lengthening your bones. The foods that are useful in increasing height are fiber rich foods like wheat brans, wheat, rice, oats and the like. Increase Height After 25

Among these foods, the other foods that are beneficial in growing taller are vegetables such as, spinach, carrots, salad greens, and broccoli. Steamed fish and citrus fruits are also helpful. While these food promote height gain, you will need to avoid foods that are high in fats and sweets. Also lessen your alcohol and coffee intakes. On top of the stretching exercises, yoga is also a type of exercise that promotes height gain.

It promotes balance and flexibility at the same time releases the strain and tension on the back and the spine which helps in making the cartilage of your body thicker and the muscles stronger. Yoga is also useful in promoting good posture which stretches the spine. The different yoga positions that can help in increasing one’s height are Tadasana, Sheershasana and the Matsyasana. And one thing that you should always keep in mind to be taller is by getting enough rest as this allows your body to promote the growth hormone appropriately.

Studies have shown that larger quantities of growth hormone are produced while sleeping. It would be better to sleep longer than the usual to help stimulate and increase the production of the growth hormones in your body. Before anything else or before you try these exercises out to increase your height naturally, it is best that you consult your doctor first to make sure that you are healthy enough to do so. With the proper discipline and persistence and these exercises, gaining height will be very easy.

Yogic cure:-

[1] Shatkarma                                    {Purificatory techniques}

{a}Trataka                                            {Eye-gazing for focussing purifying mind}

{b}Kapal-bhati                                     {Lungs &brain wash by breathing}

[2] Yogasanas                                                      {Posture}

{a} Yastikasana                                       { }

{b} Tadasana                                            {Palmyra}

{c} Padmasana                                         {Lotus }

{d} Pervatasana                                        {Mountain}

{e}  Trikonasana                                      {Tringle}

{f} Kornasana                                          {      }

{g} Garunasana                                       {Eagle}

{h}  Sirshasana                                        {Head stand}

{i}   Halasana                                           {Plough}

{j}  Paschimottanasana                            {Posterior strech}

{k} Vrikchasana                                       {Tree  posture}

{l}  Uttanpadasana                                   {Foot  lifted}

{m} Setubandhasana                                {Brigde posture}

{n} Bhujangasana                                     {Cobra}

{o} Dhanurasana                                       {Bow}

{p} Chakrasana                                          {Wheel}

{q}  Padhastasana                                       {Foot & hand}

{r} Utktasana                                              {Half stand}

{s} Shavasana                                             {Corpse}

{t} Gatiman padhast-chakrasan                  {Moving hand foot wheel}

 [3]Pranayama                                    {Body-mind energising breathing practices}

{a} Bhramari                            {Humming bee pranayama}

{b} Anulome-vilome              {Alternate nostrilar pranayama}

{c} Om chanting

{d} Surya bhedna                   {Right nostrilar pranayama}

{e} Bhastrika                           {Bellow pranayama}

[4]Bandhas:-                                                                         {Bands}

{a} uddiyana bandha                  {Abdominal lock}

 [5]Mudras:                                                               {Finger –posture}

{a} Prithvi Mudra


Scientific explanation:-

You may have seen dwarfs acting as clowns in a circus .we laugh at them,though they have nothing to be merry about in life. They are the victims of pituitary and thyroid malfunctioning. In some the body refuses to grow, in others the mind: they remain like a child, physically and mentally. Sex characteristics are also determined by these glands.

The thyroid gland, which has the power to bestow longevity, youthfulness, incressing height, secretes its hormone straight into the blood stream. The chief ductless glands like the pituitary, the tiny pineal body ,the thyroid and parathyroid, control the other glands and other parts of the body. Though all these ductless glands are important for the proper running of the human machine .it is the thyroid which is very vital in incressing height. These glands, as we saw when dealing with Yogasana , secrete hormones without which the body will not work properly.

Further suggestion:-

The bone structure must remain elastic if one is to become taller. One must take exercise regularly. I suggest the following exercises will help one gain height:

  1. Stand in an open space in attention position. In hale deeply through the nose and extend yours arms lifting then slowly up to your shoulders. Keep your arms straight. Hold that position for
    some time and then take the arms backwards as far as they will go. No inhale again the release your breath slowly, resuming the former position.
  2. Stand with your arms straight at right angles to your body. Lift the arms vertically and then bring them to the level of the shoulders. Do not exhale in the process, but stand on your toes, lifting your heels as far as they will go. Exhale slowly after some moments and resume the earlier position.
  3. Extend your arms forward up to the level of the shoulders. Inhale and fill your lungs to about one-third of their capacity. Wait for a few moments and then take your arms above your head. Now move them in a circular motion-taking them behind your back and in the former position again. Exhale slowly.
  4. Forward Bend: To do this exercise stand straight with legs wide spread. Keep your hands up straight and then bend down forward and touch the floor with your hands, without breaking your knees, then return back to your original position.
  5. Spot Jump: Keep your legs close. Stand on your toe and start jumping with your hand straight up in the air for at least 2 minutes.
  6. Bar Hanging: Hold a bar that is at least 7 feet above the ground level (so that your foot doesn’t touch the ground when you hand on the bar with your arms straight). Now swing your body while hanging to the bar. Make sure you do not swing with the help of your wrist. Keep your spine straight while swinging.

Some other Exercises to Increase Height are:
Stretching – This exercise strengthens the muscles and reduces the compressions of the discs of the invertebrate. The cartilages of the spine become thick and lengthen it increasing the height.

Hanging – The effect of gravity on the body is that it compresses the spines and makes the tissues which support the structure become thinner. This gives an appearance of being short. Hanging counteracts to this affect by making the lower torso weight stretch the spine and decrease the pull on the vertebrate. The height is known to increase by one to two inches.

Procedure: A horizontal bar should be placed high enough so as to allow the entire body to extend. In case, the whole body cannot extend, it will suffice if the knees are bend slightly to allow hanging freely. While grasping the bar, the palms should face away and the thumbs must touch. If the arms, shoulders and hips are allowed to relax, the gravity effectively pulls the body further. Wearing ankle weights increase the benefits of this exercise to increase height. The process should lasts for 20 seconds at least followed by a gap and repeated three times for sure.

Dry Land Swim: It is also known as the Alternate Leg Kick and focuses on lower back. To perform this exercise, a person has to lay down flat on the stomach and extend the body completely.

Procedure: The arms should be stretched in the forward direction with the palms facing the floor. One arm should be lifted higher than the other, say the left arm is placed above the right. Keeping the legs in straight position, the right leg should be raised off the ground as much as possible. In the initial stages, this position should be maintained for at least 4 seconds before repeating the process on other leg. However, the aim should be to reach a stage where this position is continued for 20 seconds. In order to increase the effectiveness of this exercise to increase height, wrist and ankle weights can be added to the work out. It enhances the stamina and tone up the lower back muscles further.

Pelvic Shift: It is one of the favorite exercises to increase height for all fitness instructors. It is involves feeling of the spine and hips been stretched up and down quickly.

Procedure: The exercise begins by the person lying on the back with the shoulders and arms firmly placed on the floor. The knees should be bent and the feet should be brought as close to the buttocks a possible. The back should be now brought to an arch shape letting the pelvis to thrust upwards. This position is to be held for at least 20 seconds initially, later extending it for 30 seconds. Conclusion: As with any fitness regime, exercises to increase height should be carried out regularly to see the benefits within appropriate time frame.

Yogi Yoganand