An abnormal increase in the bilirubin levels in the human body can cause jaundice and jaundice remedies seek to find a solution to this problem. In medical terminology, it is known as icterus. When a person is affected by this ailment, the blood and extracellular fluids get imbued with excess bilirubin. This can have fatal consequences. Practically speaking, jaundice itself does not cause death but it paves the way for fatal aliments like cirrhosis and hepatitis. Jaundice remedies seek to address this malaise.
However, some quantity of bilirubin is important for digestion of food and the gall bladder secretes this pigment. If the red blood cells in the liver of a person cannot complete the total life span they are converted to bilirubin. With effective jaundice remedies you can combat this dreadful disease.
Jaundice can be caused by several factors and jaundice remedies seek to address these factors.
• There are certain drugs that trigger this ailment in some people.
• Those who drink heavily can fall prey to the disease.
• If the liver ducts get blocked for any reason, the bilirubin is forced to flow back in the blood and this can trigger jaundice.
• The thyroid glands of a person can malfunction at times and this can also cause jaundice.
Before you opt for jaundice remedies you need to know about its signs and symptoms.
• The most prominent sign of jaundice is yellowing of the skin and eyes.
• Some of the patients of jaundice can also experience an itchy sensation.
• When an infant is affected by jaundice, he stops eating properly and sleeps for abnormally long durations.
• The urine of a jaundice-affected person turns deep yellow.

Yogic cure:-
[1]Shatkarma {Purificatory techniques}
{a} Kunjal {Volitional stomach wash}
{b} Nadi shodhan

[2]Yogasanas {Posture}
{a} Trikonasana {Tringle}
{b} Matyasana {Fish }
{c} Padmasana {Lotus}
{d} Halasana {Plough}
{e} Servangasana {Shoulder stand}
{f} Baddha Padmasana {Lock lotus pose}
{g} Sarvangasana {Shouder stand}

[3]Pranayama {Body-mind energising breathing practices}
{a} Bhastrika {Bellow pranayama}

[4]Bandhas:- {Bands}
{a} Uddiyana bandha {Abdominal lock}

[5]Mudras:- {Finger –posture}
{a} Prithvi mudra

[6]Dhayan {Meditation}

Further suggestion:-
• It is advisable to drink 8 glasses of water daily.
• Leafy green vegetables and fruits are also beneficial for patients of jaundice.
• Foods like coffee, alcohol, red meat and white sugar should be totally avoided.
• Intake of dairy products like cheese and milk should be cut down.
• A jaundice-afflicted person requires plenty of sleep and rest.
A diet including lots of orange juice, sugarcane juice and barley water is prescribed for jaundice patients.

Yogi Yoganand