Male Sterility

Male sterility refers to a condition when men suffer from sexual problems and are unable to have a successful physical relationship. It mainly occurs due to the dysfunction of the male reproductive system. This condition occurs when sperms are either dead, absent or insufficient or they are physically or chemically not able to reach the female reproductive system. As a result of this, no pregnancy occurs in the female. Many other factors are also responsible for the occurrence of this disorder. Sexual dysfunction and ejaculation problems can also trigger male sterility.


The cause of this disorder is rather complex. It can be categorized into two kinds – the organic or functional cause and the secondary or primary one. There are several factors that can lead to this condition. The sexual system fails to work when less sperms or dead sperms are there. This results in infertility


  1. Sexual dysfunction is the major symptom that is noticed in the men suffering from sterility. They suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  2. The person can also face problems in ejaculation.

Yogic cure:-             

[1]Shatkarma                                                                 {Purificatory

{a} Sankh-prakshalana

{b} Nauli

    [2] Yogasanas                                                                  {posture}

{a} Vajrasana

{b} Halasana

{c} Mayurasana

{d} vipreetkarni

{e} Sirshasana

{f} Sarvangasana

{g} Dhanurasana

{h} Setubandhasana

  [3] Pranayama                       {Body-mind energising breathing practices}

{a} Anulome-Vilome

{b} Kapalbhati

  [4]Bandhas:-                                            {Bands}

{a} Mool band

   [5]Mudras:                                            {Finger –posture}

{a} Pran Mudra

{b} Surbhi mudra

   [6] Dhayan                                                        {Meditation}


Yogic management:

  • Yogasanas are quite effective in the treatment of male sterility. There are many fertility Yoga postures to treat this problem.
  • In addition to that, Yogasanas can improve mental conditions. It can treat mental fatigue, boost confidence and improve positive attitude. One can reduce stress and tension with regular practice of Yogasanas.
  • Yogic gurus also advise people suffering from sexual problems to practice Kripalu Yoga. It improves the link between body and mind through deep breathing techniques and simple postures.
  • People suffering from sterility or infertility can practice Setuasana (Bridge pose).
  • Baddha konasana (Cobbler’s pose) is yet another Yoga posture that is recommended by Yoga gurus.

Ayurvedic management:

  • Asparagus is considered one of the best Ayurvedic herbs for the treatment of impotency and other sexual problems. The root of Asparagus should be boiled in milk (one cup). It should be taken two times to get better result.
  • Ayurvedic gurus often advice the patients to consume drumstick. It should be taken with milk to get the desired result.
  • Ginger is considered to be valuable in the treatment of sexual problems, especially impotency. The juice of ginger should be taken with honey and half boiled egg.
  • Impotency can also be treated using dried dates. They should be mixed with quince seeds, pistachio nuts and almonds. This mixture should be taken regularly.

Home remidies:

  • Garlic is one of the effective home remedies that can treat sexual impotence or male sterility. It is harmless and a natural aphrodisiac.
  • Men suffering from sexual problems can eat onion on a regular basis as it strengthens the sexual organs and increases libido.
  • Carrot is another vegetable that can be used for the treatment of sexual impotency. To get better result one needs to take carrots (150 gm) with egg (half boiled) and dip it in honey (one tablespoon). This mixture should be taken daily. This home remedy increases sexual power.
  • One needs to eat foods that are rich in vitamin, protein and minerals. Intake of a balanced diet is recommended.
  • Fruit juices are great for people who are suffering from impotency.
  • The patient should avoid alcohol, smoking, coffee and tea. Canned, denatured, processed and refined foods must also be minimized. Intake of white flour and white sugar should be avoided.
  • A cold hip bath is good for people suffering from sterility.


Male sterility can be treated with medical intervention. There are many Yogasasnas that can be practiced by people suffering from sexual problems. Certain fertility Yogasana are extremely beneficial for the treatment of this malaise