Yogi Yogananda {Spirituality and Yoga Guru},
1. Taking two teaspoons of fenugreek powder with hot water in the morning for two months cures joint problems and does not hurt even in old age.
2. By eating three to four walnuts in the morning, the knee pain is always cured.
3. Eating coconut kernel continuously for two to three months can cure any problem of joints.

4. Drinking 20 grams juice of Bathua leaves in the morning and evening for two months can cure arthritis.
5 Take the same quantity of Nagori ashwagandha and khand and make powder, and take four grams of hot milk in the morning and evening, the arthritis patient lying on the bed also gets up and starts walking.
6. One teaspoon of fenugreek seeds boiled in a glass of water, if left half, then add jaggery and turmeric to it, drinking it for one month cures unbearable and unbearable pain of the knees.
7. Taking 20 grams juice of green Avalo mixed in the same amount of honey for two months in the morning makes crooked knees also become straight and stiffness of joints is also completely cured.
8. If there is a gap in the joints and pain persists, then making 6 grams of bijar bark tea and drinking it for 3 months is completely cured.
9. By making a paste of the root of Khiranti {sida cardifolia}, tying it on the joints, the joints are cured.
10. Lepidium sativum seeds oil is rubbed on the joints with a light hand, and the joint problem is solved.
11. Taking two teaspoons of aloe vera juice in the morning and evening relieves joint discomfort.
12. Maling the oil of the seeds of Karanjwa on the affected part, it reduces joint discomfort.
13. Making a decoction of peepal leaves and drinking it and massaging it on the affected part is beneficial.
14. A decoction of the roots of Yucca is cured by drinking it.
15. Massage with castor oil in hot water and it helps to relieve joint discomfort.
16. Drinking beet juice every day greatly benefits the patient of arthritis.
17. Putting Epsom salt in lukewarm water and putting feet in it for 20 minutes, it reduces swelling and pain in a few days

18. Bathing with Epsom salt water every day removes all types of body pain.
19. By sticking fenugreek seeds in paper tape on the painful place, applying it for 3-4 days provides relief.
20. Taking one spoon in the morning and evening for 2 months, making powder of drumstick flowers does not cause joint pain even in old age.
21. By eating one spoon each morning and evening after making powder of Harsingar flowers, the joint problem is fixed forever

22. Drinking sorghum juice every day and soaking it in cotton cloth and keeping it on the joints for a few hours in the morning for a few months can completely cure the problem.
23. Apply Azmod seeds to the affected area.
24. Consuming one teaspoon cinnamon, one teaspoon with honey gives very good results.
25 .. Eating two Kalia garlic and this long morning on an empty stomach gives relief in pain.
26. Rub Eucalyptus oil on affected limb in the evening.
27. Drinking garlic, coriander, cumin, tomato, cucumber, beetroot and lemon juice on an empty stomach every morning is very beneficial.
28. Take half a spoon of gilloy with ghee in the morning and evening, the discomfort of the joints goes away in a few days.
29. Boil half a teaspoon of cumin leaves, half a teaspoon of cumin, two black pepper, a piece of ginger in three glasses of water, when one glass is left, drinking sip of it throughout the day cures arthritis.
30. Mixing the same amount of oil of Acacia oil, Eucalyptus oil, Lavender oil, Piperment, Rosemary, and massaging three times a day is beneficial in arthritis.
31. Boil one teaspoon of Bhojpatra, one spoon of confection, one piece of ginger, and drink half a cup in the morning on an empty stomach.
32. Make a decoction of Bakhnakh, Shellary, Bhogbeen, and drink it twice a day.
33. Mixing two drops of baboonah oil, lavender oil and clove oil and applying it on the pain area cures pain.
34. Make a paste of mustard oil, ginger powder, macoyse juice and sesame oil and apply it to the affected area, it can improve rapidly in some time.
35. Massage the joints by adding coconut oil in camphor.
36. Add vinegar to the ginger powder, make a paste and apply it.
37. Mix one spoon of celery in a cup of juice, and drink it once a day.
38. Taking equal quantity of powder of myrabalan, celery, ginger and taking one spoon of hot water in the morning and evening gives amazing benefits.