Beautiful  Face Through Yoga Therapy…..

Yoga for beauty can help you to look young and beautiful well into old age. Face is the index of mind, good texture of skin and health of your hairs are an indication of your physical and mental health.

Main obstacles of beautiful Skin :

1.Insufficient nutrition due to unhealthy eating habits.

2.Eating foods which are poor in nutrition like white flour, sugar, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

3.Sedentary lifestyle which leads to proper blood circulation and accumulation of toxins in our blood.

4.Proper blood circulation which is most essential for healthy skin.

5.As a result of improper cleansing, dirt and dust particles gets accumulated in our skin and clog sweat glands.

6.Poor digestion or frequent constipation.

7.Over-exposure to sun.


Yogic cure:

 [1] Shatkarma                                                         {Purificatory techniques}

{a} Jal-neti {Nose washing by water}

{b} Sankh-Prakshalana                                  {Mouth to anus gut wash}


 [2] Yogasanas                                                                 {Posture}

{a} Sarvangasana  {Shoulder stand}

{b} Vipritkarni mudra {Reverse pose}

{c} Halasana {Plough}

{d} Pawan muktasana {Wind release}

{e} Matsyasana {Fish}

{f} Supta Vajrasana {Lying adamantine}

{g} Shirshasana {Head stand}

{h} Mayurasana {Peacock}

{i} Gomukhasana {Cow}

{j} Vajrasana {Adamantine}

[3] Pranayama                               {Body-mind energising breathing practices}

{a} Bhastrika {Humming bee pranayama}

{b} Anulome-vilome {Alternate nostrilar pranayama}


  [4] Bandhas:-                                                  {Bands}                                                  

{a} Jalandhar bandha {Chin lock}

{b} Uddiyana bandha {Abdominal lock}


 [5} Mudras:                                                        {Finger –posture}

{a}Pashini mudra

{b}Aakashi mudra

{c} Agni mudra

{d} Surya mudra


   [6] Dhayan                                                         {Meditation}


Yogic Diet:

Eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Eat sattvik food as per yoga diet philosophy. Include plenty of fresh dark green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, sprouts,nuts, whole grain cereals etc to your food. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in raw form or enjoy fresh vegetable/fruit juices. Vegetable juices are a low calorie storehouse of nutrients. Eat a balanced diet and include handful of nuts. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and aerated drinks. Try to eat freshly cooked food as far as possible. Stop intake of processed and junk food.

Scientific Explanation:-

Yoga is a wonderful method for gaining physical strength, fitness and beauty in your life.  Yoga helps to reduce excess fat in the body, makes you healthy and brings a shine of confidence on your face. Yoga makes the body flexible and plays a vital role in overcoming stress and ageing.

  • One should feel good from inside in order to look good. Sukhasana and Shavasana are the two famous yogasna which provides complete relaxation to your body with mental peace.
  • Yoga helps you to maintain healthy body as well as mind, thus you can gain physical fitness. It provides flexibility to your body and removes toxins from it, which will make you feel younger.
  • It helps in thyroid and weight loss problems and thus you can get perfect shape of the body & look beautiful. Pranayams like kapalbhati are very useful to do.
  • Yoga helps you get perfect oxygen dose for your body which provides glow to skin.
  • It delays ageing, and you remain active and younger for longer time as compared to others who does not practice yoga.
  • With yoga you can get toned legs and hands, firm and flat belly which will make you look gorgeous.
  • It improves blood circulation and helps in balancing the hormones which gives the skin a healthy glow.
  • It is very useful for woman having wrinkled skin, under eye dark circles and flabby stomach.

Further suggestion:-

  • Make water as your favourite drink. Drink plenty of water as it hydrates the skin and helps to remove toxins. It also helps to promote smooth bowel movements.
  • Be cheerful at all times. There is nothing better than laughter yoga in this regard.
  • Practice detachment and avoid excesses of food, drinks or emotions. Eat for nutrition and not for taste buds.
  • Follow an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Clean and exfoliate your skin regularly. Use an effective moisturiser.
  • Get your body massaged periodically. Oil massage improves blood circulation and improves the health of the skin.
  • Avoid over exposure to sun. Do remember to apply your sun screen lotion.
  • An eight-hours sound sleep will help your body to replenish, regenerate and rejuvenate itself. Take rest at the end of the day. Do not skip sound sleep, as a restless mind often affects the overall health.

By – Yogi Yoganand