Jai Ho Vijay Ho
Spiritual & PranYog Healing Centre Bhopal {MP} 462042

No amount of wealth can buy mental peace- an elusive concept often in today’s world. This lack of peace manifests itself in people experiencing health problems that even modern medicine cannot cure. How can one crack this code? Yoga, as the world knows it, is one of the most precious teachings that ancient Indian sages have gifted humanity. In its literal Sanskrit meaning, Yoga signifies the union of individual and universal consciousness.

One may wonder how Yoga is applicable to physical health?

The answer is simple. Most chronic physical diseases are a result of emotional and mental imbalance. While medicine can help to cure the surface of the problem, Yoga goes to the root cause of it, ensuring a more permanent solution. Yoga is not limited to physical well-being either, but rather is a holistic approach that transforms one’s emotions, thought patterns, attitudes and behavior through a transformation of lifestyle.




Key Benefits of the Service

Increases energy
Frees the mind
Relieves stress
Brings effects with functionality
Builds resistance and immunity
Improves posture and flexibility

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