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What type of medicine is Prana energy medicine?
In this treatment, all types of health, mental and spiritual health of a person are treated.

There are also side effects of this therapy,?

What type of medicine does this medicine fall into?
This therapy is especially related to yoga science, due to the imbalance of various chakras in yoga, it is considered to be the father of any kind of disease (physical, mental, spiritual), every chakra is a particular type of recurring energy, vibration. , Shakti, Mantra, Yantra, Time, Panch Tattva Balancing, Mudra, Panch Pran Balance, Chakra purification, herbs, special colors, crystals, mineral substances, balanced in thousands of ways, using the same principle for any type of disease It is done in healing.

Can I cure someone else like me with my therapy ?
 Absolutely, based on the time calculation of various astrology, your medicine is known, so your treatment will be your personal treatment, it cannot be for anyone else, do not even try. Such effort can be harmful for you.

What diseases are treated in it?
Yes, In this, all types of diseases are treated successfully.

How long does this therapy need to take?
 It depends on your health. Many patients have been seen recovering immediately. In normal condition, each person is given treatment thrice, and the patients recover.

Is this medicine used all over the world??
Yes, it is known as energy medicine in the world, in the world it is solfeggio, Nikola tesla, masaru emoto, Dr. otto heinrich warburg, luise kuney. Research work of many Indian and foreign scientists including Edmud Just, Yogi Yoganand has been used in this medicine.

How Pran Yoga is treated in distance medicine?
For this, from time to time you are given a live link, by clicking on which you can take the benefit of Pran Yoga distance medicine.

What age can people take this medicine?
There is no age-related penalty, from a child of one day to any age, he can get his treatment.

What is the scientific basis of this medicine ?
 This therapy is based on energy, in which the person’s potential energy is deteriorated by balancing his energy. By stimulating the energy points in the body through waves of different frequencies, the energy of the organ is balanced, its effect is immediately visible. And the patient recovers to a great extent.   

How can I take advantage of this treatment?
For this you have to go to our website and follow its instructions. You are asked to answer some questions, when you send their answers in writing, then according to your information, your energy is detected and you are sent to your phone with picture therapy.

Till now how many people have benefited from this treatment?
About 7 lakh people have benefited from Pran Yoga therapy so far.

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