Yogi Yogananda
In the treatment of joints, the methods of manufacture and use of various Ayurvedic oils, you can overcome your problem by using any one method, because everyone has different problems, sometimes with one method, everyone gets the same result. No, you can also write your problem to us.
Different methods –

1. Garlic buds should be crushed and heated with mustard oil and mixed with camphor and massaged on the joints or painful parts, it gives relief very quickly. Garlic has antiinflammatory properties, which are immediately effective.
2. Crushed 6-7 fresh leaves of Parijat with ginger juice, mixed with honey and massaged, it provides relief in joint pain.
3. The leaves of mudar should be baked on the surface by applying mustard oil on the surfaces, and if it is lightly baked on the painful parts, then the pain of joints gets relief immediately.
4. If eucalyptus oil is used for body massage, then it gets rid of severe inflammation and joint pain.
5. Burning garlic in mustard oil and massaging the joints with that oil will give you quick rest.

9. Wrapping ice in cloth and rubbing it around the joints with light hands helps to relieve joint pain by correcting blood circulation.

10. After moulting the joints with sesame oil, sitting in the sun for a while gives relief from pain.

11. Burning the flowers of drumstick in sesame oil and massaging quickly relieves pain.
12. Burn the fenugreek seeds in mustard oil and massage them, you will get quick relief.
13. Grinding raw potato and applying it on the joints ends the problem in a few days.
14. Grind cucumber seeds and garlic kalia in castor oil, then boil it in oil so that both burns, then filter and massage the affected area.