Yogendra Mishra
1. Meditation brings the brainwaves to Alpha rhythm.
2. At Alpha, Right Brain is activated.
3. Meditation is a technique to control one’s brain at Alpha.
4. By relaxing and visualizing through med¬itative procedures, one
exercises control over one’s brain by way of Alpha.
5. Visualizing and/or affirming at Alpha constitute programming for the brain.
6. Programming can annul or cancel un¬wanted experiences/impressions,
in¬crease skills, and trigger problem solving process.
7. Successful programming can cause the brain to function intuitively
and psychi-cally.
8. Meditation causes brain and body chang¬es which are measurable by
some modern scientific gadgets, viz Electroencephalograph (EEC
machine).Polygraph, brain maping and Evoked potential moni¬toring
equipment etc.
9. Meditation training helps people to be¬come clairvoyants. A
clairvoyant is a
person with acute intuitive insight or perception, who is able to
perceive ideas. Facts or events outside of the ordinary range of human
Electroencephalogram (EEC)
The record of electrical activity (potentials) measured from the brain
or scalp (outer sur-face of the head), known as brain waves, energy
pulsations or undulations is called an electroencephalogram (EEC)
.These brain waves are measurable with brain – electroencephalograph
Both the intensity and patterns of the brain waves are a result of
overall level of excitation of the brain as determined from functions
in the Reticular Activating System (RAS).
The dominant frequency (cycles per second) is
I. Beta (15-25 cycles per second)
II. Alpha (7-14 cycles per second)
III. Theta (4-7 cycles per second)
IV. Delta (0-4 cycles per second)
The dominant frequency, thus, goes from rapid when under stress to
slower when re-laxed, to still slower when asleep.
Long continued meditation imparts a mental training that helps a
person to func¬tion with full awareness at a state of mind usually
associated with hallucinating or being half-asleep. It is a state of
mind one passes through when falling asleep at night and at awakening
in the morning.
1. About 90% of all people function at 20 cps of brain waves when
awake, they do their both (i) physical working and (ii) mental working
at the same fre¬quency of 20 cps.
2. The other 10% do their thinking i.e. mental working at 10 cps
(Alpha) and physical working at 20 cps (Beta).
Thus : One cannot beat working at 20 cps – it is the optimum level for
physical work but
One can beat thinking at 20 cps, because the optimum level of thinking
is 10 cps.
3. At about 10 cps the right hemisphere joins more fully in the
thinking pro¬cess. At 10 cps intuition gets activated and clairvoyance
is turned on.
4. Psychologists accept the ten-cycle brain frequency (10 cps-Alpha)
to be the centre of human intelligence.
5. 10 cps is considered to be the crossover point-where both brain
hemispheres -right and left – function in unison to the need of the
6. 10 cps frequency is considered to be the optimum frequency for
educating the human intelligence for maximally using all its sensing
7. Only 10% of the population thinks at this optimum frequency naturally. The
rest need to be trained to do so by way of long continued meditative
Alpha is packed with the following benefits
1. Alpha level is a source of relief, a source of energy, a source of
solutions and a source of ideas.
2. One can obtain relief from as many discomforts and abnormalities as
a man can think of at Alpha level.
3. Thinking at Alpha level corrects one’s own deficiency in attitude,
energy,health and pesky feelings.
4. Alpha level is one’s own control switch. At 10 cps, the brain waves
are at a normalizing harmony.
5. At Alpha one gets more peaceful. worry-free thoughts-which is Beta
related stuff.
6. Alpha automatically disconnects the cause of headache, which is Beta re-
7. Minutes spent in Alpha are not min¬utes wasted. These are most
valuable minutes of the day.
8. Alpha level is half-way to sleep. Deep sleep is Delta (1-4 cps). To
go from an awake Beta state (20 cps) to an asleep state one has to
pass through Alpha.
9. A clairvoyant person uses two dimen¬sions of thinking, two sets of
senses, and both brain hemispheres – the left that deals with
objective things, and the right hemisphere that deals with subjective

10. Non-clairvoyant person uses only one dimension of thinking, one
set of senses, and only the left brain hemisphere to think with. His
is an objective world. He has no conscious access to the vast
information and intelligence available through the ‘subconscious’.
11. Using right hemisphere for thinking is like using the
sub-conscious con¬sciously. It adds a new dimension to thinking.
12. Alpha level insulates the mind from the stressful factors.
How to meditate? There are many ways to do it. Music. Mantras,
Chants.Trataka, Breath awareness. Incense, Deity, Yoga-nidra, Turiya
etc. – all are helpful aids to meditation but are not exactly
appropriate because it does not introduce any devices, it uses the
mind to mind itself.
i) When one meditates, one goes to Alpha,
ii) At Alpha, the meditator is stress-free.
iii) At Alpha, there is no way to bring fear.anxiety, or animosity –
that is actually Beta “stuff.
iv) In case these feelings are present or takeover, they will anchor
the medi¬tator
in Beta.
v) If feelings of fear, anxiety, or animosity get introduced at Alpha
– the meditator
will be ending his meditation.
So alpha is a stress – Free State and beta is stress ‘stuff.
Isn’t it that alpha is eaten up by beta of ones own body.
Turning the eyes slightly upward – or downward at about 20 degree
above or below the horizontal plane of sight – triggers Alpha.
NASIKAGARA (Tip of the nose)
THUS, through meditation one tran¬scends the mind. The meditation has
some qualities not yet understandable through our present knowledge of
Hence, the final advice would be to follow the various techniques of
meditation and without observing any result, practice it with
dilligence and accept the experience that one may attain.