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PranYog Meditation

Meditation therapy is “a method of relaxation and consciousness expansion by focusing on a mantra or a keyword, sound, or image while eliminating outside stimuli from one’s awareness” (Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 2009).
There are many types of meditation. Examples include mindfulness, body scan, loving-kindness, walking, Zen, mantra, and transcendental meditations. They can be further categorized into insight or calming and guided or unguided. In the world of meditation, there is an approach for everyone.
Each type of meditation has a few things in common: choosing a quiet spot, finding a comfortable posture, and focusing your attention while remaining open (National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, n.d.)
The duration of a meditation practice is as short as one minute to several hours. There also is not a “right” or “only” way to practice. It is as diverse as the people who practice it.


Key Benefits

Yoga Therapy for Influenza (Flu)
Yoga Therapy for Lumbopelvic Syndrome (Lower Back Pain)
Yoga Therapy for Autism
Yoga Therapy for Snoring
Yoga Therapy for Hemorrhoids (Piles)
Yoga Therapy for Fatigue
Yoga Therapy for Epilepsy
Yoga Therapy for Gas in the Stomach
Yoga Therapy for Bronchitis
Yoga Therapy for Kidney Disorders
Yoga Therapy for Varicose Veins
Yoga Therapy for Ear Disorder
Yoga Therapy for Thyroid Disorder
Yoga Therapy for Heart Diseases
Yoga Therapy for Eye disorders
Yoga Therapy for Obesity

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