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Pran Yoga

Pran Yoga treatment system works on balancing the energy of Pancha Prana, Panch Mahabhuta and the seven chakras located in one's body. A person's physical, mental and spiritual problems arise due to the imbalance of these seven chakras, pancha pran, pancha mahabhutas, and do their work at different frequencies located in our body. The Whole procedure Based on the following Parameters.








Specialties of vital energy healing

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 Any person of any age group can benefit from it. {One day to 100 years or older}
 It is equally useful for sick, disabled, disabled people.
 It can be used to sleep, awake, walk, walk at any time, anywhere. There is no bond of any kind.
  It is effective immediately, without medication, without injection, without testing, without fees, without side effects, immediate rest.
  It balances Prana balance, Chakra balancing, Pancha tattva balancing, unbalanced energy in the body, so it shows immediate effect without side effects.
  It increases the three types of health of the person, physical, mental, spiritual.
This Pran Yoga is also related to the past, present and future of a person.
 It is based on the re-balancing of the blocked energies of the person's body.
 In Pran Yoga, all the things given in nature are used in the treatment.
  This prana yoga system is the ancient great wisdom given by our sages and sages, which is thousands of thousands of years in the current science.

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