Treatment of knee problem by lapses method

Yogi Yogananda {Spirituality and Yoga Guru}

Knee treatment methods, by adopting all kinds of problems of the knee – such as gaps in the events, burning sensation, fluid loss, stiffness, severe pain, inability to walk, etc. Will be able to cure Today you have to make a paste using any one of the methods given below and keep it for 5 hours per day for at least 10 days and place it on your sore spot.

First method – Guggal, Daru Turmeric, Amritadhara, Thuhar, Ashwagandha, Garlic, Punarnava, Asparagus, Sonafal, Jonkamari, Akona, Indrayan, Anantmool, Kali Musli, Ghritkumari, Lohan, Methi, Kali Peepal, Lavender all in equal quantity Cook in a liter of mulesis and cook on a low flame, then mix eucalyptus, castor and turpentine oil in it and apply it to the affected area like turmeric every day. {This paste is available in the name of “‘Bone Health Cream” “}
Special –

1. By applying this paste 3 times by Mr. Sudhir Jain, the pain of his knees was completely cured.
2. Mr. B. S. Thakur {Engineer Suture} was suffering from swelling and severe pain in the knees for 18 years, was able to walk a little with the help of crutches, ten days were completely cured by applying this paste. Now climb the stairs on the 6-storey building without any support.

Second method –
After removing the gel of guarpatha {aloe vera) and applying turmeric in it twice a day, joint pain ends.

Method Third –

Mulethi powder, celery powder, and rock salt, all by taking a spoon, heating lukewarm, making a bundle thrice a day, are very beneficial.

Fourth method –

After making the powder of liquorice, turmeric and fenugreek, he mixed a little castor oil into a paste, and applied twice a day.

Fifth Method –

Heat all three turmeric, lime and sugar, add some water, and cool it at bedtime, and tie it with a cloth.