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17 Sep 2020

Surya Namaskar {Sun Salute}  

Surya Namaskara or ‘salutation to the sun’ is one of the most vital and well-known yoga practices. Its versatile and intense nature makes it the most adaptable practice and a complete sadhana (spiritual practice), as it includes the most important components of yoga, i.e. asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, visualization and meditation.

15 Sep 2020

Root of many diseases

Yogi Yogananda {Spirituality, Yoga Guru, Naturopathy and Prana Energy Specialist}
3000 years ago, Indian medical scientist Rishi Bagbhatt ji told in his book Ashtanga heart that the cause of many incurable diseases is due to excess amount of acid in the body. This is what the German doctor Otto Vonberg told that all diseases including cancer are caused by the increase in acid in the body. He was awarded the Novel Prize for Medicine in 1931.
Otto Heinrich Warburg, * Nobel Prize winner, 1931.
“No Disease including cancer, can exist in an Alkaline envioronment” Otto Heinrich Warburg – Noble Prize Winner 1931
There are two types of conditions in the body
1. Acidic {acidic} 2. Alkaline
Excess of acid in the body or to measure it of alkaline, Danish biochemist S.P.L. In 1909, SPL Sorenson created a scale known as the pH of H + ion concentrations of aqueous solutions. The pH of any solution is a number that indicates the acidity or alkalinity of that solution. The full form of PH is Potential of Hydrogen. The full form of pH in Hindi is the ability of hydrogen. It represents the ratio of hydronium ions (H3O) to hydroxide ions (OH).
In the PH scale, PH ranges from 1 to 14, 7 PH is considered neutral, ie neither acidic nor alkaline. If it goes from 7 to 1, then understand Acidic is increasing, and if it goes from 7 to 14, Alkalinity is increasing.

If we take the pH of various liquids found inside our body towards Alkaline. So we can remove the root cause of many diseases, and make them healthy forever.

By now everyone must have understood that the excess of acid in the body means to invite all diseases including cancer.

Why the acid level in the body increases

1- The lower level of oxygen in the atmosphere and the increase in carbon dioxide levels is a big reason. This increased carbon dioxide reduces the pH of the blood when inhaled. The work of the excretion of acid from the body is mainly of the lungs and kidneys, even if these two organs do not work properly, the acid levels in the body increase. Therefore, in the treatment of metabolic acidosis, both these organs should be taken special care.

2- Lack of vegetables, fruits and nuts in food and use of non-veg, sugar, alcohol, tea, coffee, refined oil and flour instead – all together increase the acid in the body.

Diseases caused by acid growth —

Metabolic acid causes many problems.
1. High Blood Pressure:

High in acid, alkaline metals such as potassium and magnesium levels decrease in blood, increasing blood pressure.

2 kidney stones:

Acidic environment creates stones in the kidney, because to reduce the increased acid, it has to extract calcium from bones and this calcium gets deposited in the kidney and forms stones or stones.

3 Osteoporosis:

Due to release of calcium from bones, they become weak and weaken and osteoporosis becomes.
Problems of teeth and gums:

Acid teeth also increase gums discomfort, due to which they start deteriorating quickly.
Activity disturbance of the brain: Increasing acid reduces the ability of RBCs to carry oxygen and due to less oxygen, the brain becomes weaker day by day in performing its functions.
5. Blockage:

Increasing acid causes blood clots to form, leading to blockages and increasing the risk of a fatal problem such as heart attack paralysis.
6. Nausea
7. Have a stroke
8. Breathing trouble
9. muscle weakness ‘
10. Irregular heartbeat
11. Insomnia
12. Headache
13. Diarrhea
14. Stomach irritation
15. Throat irritation and discomfort
16 loud voice
17. Feeling like vomiting and belching
18 Excess gas pass
19. Flatulence due to accumulation of gas
20 white layer on the tongue
21 Bad Breath
Strong smell of 22 feces
23 diarrhea and constipation
24. Thyroid
25. Cancer
26. joint problem
27. Arthritis
28. Fluid Joints

29. wear and tear of bones of knees
30. Hair fall

15 Sep 2020

Constipation – Causes and Symptoms

Yogi Yogananda {Spirituality & Yoga Guru}
Constipation has been considered to be the root of all diseases, therefore, first of all, we will show various ways to cure constipation.
Constipation means –

If the bowel movement is not as per the rules, and there is difficulty in bowel movement, then this disease is called constipation.

Causes of constipation –
The following reasons for constipation can be
1. Fibroid diet
2. Habit of eating food fast
3. Not exercising
4. Not consuming enough water.
5. Eating cold beverages at meals.
6. Lack of necessary rest
7. Habit of waking up late at night
8. Mental imbalance {fear, anger, stress, anxiety}
9. Wrong diet, getting up, sitting, walking and sleeping
10. Use tight clothes
11. Habit of stopping defecation and hurrying
12. Incorrect food mix
13. Intestinal atrophy
14. Use of purgative drugs
15. Insufficient sleep
16. Dirty in the toilet
17. substance abuse
18. Bile dysfunction
19. Tumor or cancer
20. Non-vegetarian use
21 excessive use of acidic substances in food

Symptoms of constipation
My greetings to all family members, today we will discuss the symptoms of constipation. If you are also affected by any of these symptoms, then you are also inviting many people, so get ready to get rid of constipation through thousands of natural methods.
Here we are giving thousands of ways to cure any disease in thousands of ways every day, along with many complementary medical methods, we are going to tell you the remedies to cure any incurable disease, you and your family are also going to this group. Give benefit of Many of our groups are running for the preparation of competitive examinations.

Symptoms of constipation
1. Difficulty in defecation
2. Irritated by skin diseases
3. Irregular bowel movements
4. Imbalance of hormones
5. Having a headache
6. Restlessness
7. Loss of appetite
8. Stir up
9. Foul smell
10. Belly heavy
11. Sore mouth
12. Sleep deprivation
13. Behavioral change
14. Skin rash
15. Stomach gas
16. Pain in the area
17. Be a babassir
18. Bowl movement that is less than 3 times a week
19. Problem during the process of passing the stool
20. Pain and cramps due to hunger in the lower abdomen
21. Nodular, hard and small stools
22. Stomach ache or abdominal swelling
23. Stomach bloated feeling

12 Sep 2020

Treatment of Joints problem by Yoga

Yogi Yogananda {spirituality and yoga master, naturopath, life energy medicine specialist}

 {1} purification technology Shatkarma {Purificatory Processes}

 Lk Kunjl Kunjal {Volitional Stomach Wash}

 2ksnk Washing-Sankha Prakshalana {Mouth To Anus Gut Wash}

 {2} {Yogasanas Posture}
 [A] lotus {Padmasana lotus}
 [B] SHALABHASAN Shalabhasana {Locust}
 [C] Shavasana Shavasana {Corpse}
 [D] Trikonasana Trikonasana {Tringle}
 [E] Vkrasn {Hero’s Pose}   
 [F] Mkrasn Makrasana {Crocodile}    
 [G] Bhujngasna Bhujangasana {Cobra Pose}
 [I ] Vrksasana Vrikshasana {} {Tree Posture}

 {3} breathing {pranayama Body-Mind Energizing breathing Practices}
 [A] Sun breaks Bhedana Surya {Right Nostrilar pranayama}
 [B] Bstrika Bhastrika {Bellows pranayama}

 {4} bound {Bandhas Bands}                                                                                                         
 {A} Mahabnd Bandha Maha

 {5} Currency {Mudras Finger -posture}     
 {A} air exchange                                 
 {B} dead Sanjivini currency

 Under a qualified yoga teacher guidance, you can do yoga purification techniques, asanas, pranayama, mudras. Or wait for our video on yoga.

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