Nature has made our healing items available around us. Today we are going to tell you the natural methods of treatment of joints, which is so effective that where all medical methods fail, natural medicine purifies the body and makes it healthy for life, I have studied natural medicine During the course of reading Edward Just’s book “Return to Nature” {which has been sent to you} and Gandhiji’s book natural treatment {which is being sent to you}. After reading the book of Edward Just, Gandhiji cured a four-year-old constipation disease in one day by putting it on the stomach while Gandhiji was taking medicines for constipation for four years.
During the course of natural medicine, I have cured thousands of patients of joints in 10-15 days only by keeping a clay bandage. In most of the cases, the patient got up to 50 percent relief from pain within three days. But remember that in this treatment, the patient may initially have more discomfort than before. This is due to the process of expulsion and correction of alien elements from the body. if you
Joint sufferers suffer from the following disorders, and if the following symptoms appear, then soil therapy is the solution to all your problems.

Joint disorders in which soil therapy is extremely effective —-

Arthritis joint pain and swelling.

Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis – wear of joints and cartilage.

Gout gout in the joints.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Rheumatoid Arthritis- rub bones or deformities in joints, autoimmune disease.

Bursitis bursitis – irritation of joints.

Ankle pain and Tendinitis Tendinitis – Pain from tendon wear.

Osteomyelitis Osteomyelitis- Infection of bones.

Kondromalacia patellae Chondromalacia patellae- rubbing of cartilage located within the knees.

Spondylosis Spondylosis – wear in the spinal cord.

Osteoporosis osteoporesis- bone density and weight loss and weakening.
In these diseases, you will see the following symptoms.

Pain in heels as soon as waking up in the morning, difficult to walk.
Tightness in waist, shoulders and entire body.

Wrist tightness.

Various joint pains.
Wave of foot pain while sleeping at night.
The sound of cut-off in joints while doing heavy work while climbing live.

Pain in raising the hands above the shoulders or below the waist.

Redness and swelling in joints.

Curvature or deformity in the form of extremities.

Reduction in mobility of joints.

Pain in walking.

Weak bones, mild fracture, bone fracture.

Fracture bones take longer to join and heal.

Tightness in bones due to sitting or lying for long time in one place.

Lump formation near fingers, feet, elbows, eddy and wrist.

Spinal cord pain and stiffness, neck pain and stiffness.

Numbness, tingling in the legs, arms, legs and hands.

Today we are going to tell you, amazing uses of miracle soil. Soil means to erase, that is, to remove all diseases from the root, so it is also called serveroghari, according to the Bhagavata Purana, King Prithu had leveled the earth and exploited all kinds of medicines from it. There is a wonderful similarity between the human body and the earth, the body has 70 percent water, the earth also has 70 percent water, so the earth is also called rasa, the body is made of five elements, the earth is also made of five elements, hence such a set It is said that, in scientific terms, 24 mineral elements are found in the body, the same element is also contained in the earth, that is why the Earth is called Ratnagrabha, the human body, and not only the earth but also the universe, is made of similar substances, so Vedas It is said in “,” like pindas and brahmands. “” According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana “” Sarvadhare Sar bj Sarva Shakti Samyante.
All the work is given to the world.
That is, the soil is the foundation of all, the seed of all, with all kinds of power and will fulfill all desires. Earth treats a person in three ways
1. Excretory of toxic substances from the body.
2. Supplying those substances in the body due to which any weakness or disease has arisen.
3. To fulfill the life force {biographical power} in the body.
Life cannot be imagined in the absence of soil, human beings get food, water, oxygen, shelter, clothes from the earth itself, that is, Earth is our mother, from which we have made a distance, we Never lie on the soil, never walk barefoot on the ground, nor let it be touched by the body, a human being called today’s civilized, ignorant, utterly foolish and suffering from many diseases, feeling himself engrossed and stricken. As the treatment is being done, the problem is growing more and more, and the human being feels helpless in the face of sickness, while the creatures of common sense are in contact with the earth, without medicine, Hospitals and doctors are healthier, longer-lasting, happier and healthier than us. Those whom we call animals never fall ill, and if they fall, they will cure their disease immediately by lying on the earth. Is the most powerful horse, so in the name of the same, energy is measured in horsepower.
While unicorn and elephant are the most powerful. What we call a donkey also knows how to quickly recover its fatigue and stress, when the donkey leaves after working all day, he lays 3 – 4 in the ground, which is called Gadhalot, because of that Get rid of fatigue and stress instantly. The human being of today is trying to become the lord of nature, just as the antelope wanders around in search of it, having precious oysters in its navel, and sadly dies in the end, similarly its item In all free, and miraculous free medicines like crushed human soil, sheep are walking behind expensive, rare, poisonous harmful drugs, and are going on cropping in Nagpash.

Wonders of soil =
1. Antidote strength –
Soil has amazing curative power, as we all know, our body is made up of five elements, of which the earth element is the highest, from which we have made bones, hair, nails, skin etc., hence the joints. Gap, diseases of the cartilage, rupture of the ligament, lack of calcium in the bones, such diseases start to heal immediately from the soil. Gandhiji used to say, the effigy of the soil should be fixed from the soil itself. If any organ is damaged, it can be re-inoculated only with soil-like life.
2. Tridosha Nashak –
According to our great tradition Ayurveda, the cause of all diseases is the imbalance of Tridosha, in which 90 percent of the problems of the joints are due to the appearance of Vatadosha. Houses made of soil do not fall even in the terrible bowels, just as the soil tolerates the terrible gusts of air, in the same way, the soil makes the body healthy by calming all the air disorders that have arisen in the body.
3. Pain-destroying properties –
Soil eliminates any type of pain in the body and provides healing, according to Dr. Lindalhar “Soil opens the follicles of the skin, balances blood circulation, removes the inner pain and blood accumulation. , And ejects foreign matter. ”Dr. J. H. Keylong strongly recommends the use of soil in complex diseases like rheumatism.

4. Properties of toxin absorption –
Soil has the unique property of absorbing toxins, pulls out and ejects the uric acid and other toxic substances collected in the joints, Mahatma Gandhi said, – The amazing power of pulling the poison inside the soil Is “Some time ago, a guard {whose name I do not remember} came to my university Atal Bihari Bajpai Hindi University Bhopal and said that Guruji my mother’s two kidneys have died, and now a dialysis also It has been done, you tell me some remedies, so that my mother-in-law can be cured, my financial condition is also not good, that I can get them treated for a long time. I said that you should tell them to walk barefoot for 30 minutes every day, then he said that Master, you have told me this very cheap, all-free free treatment, I nodded yes and left from there, after one month. The guard came running towards me and said, Guru ji, miracle happened, my mother became fully healthy by just walking barefoot in the soil in the morning and now there is no need for dialysis, and all the reports have come to normal.
5. Heat absorption properties –
Heat absorption properties are found in the soil, which irritates the joints, they are cured by placing soil strip.
6. Magnetic Properties –
Earth also works as Magnet therapy, soil therapy improves blood circulation, so that oxygen reaches every part of the body, and the body gets healthy by removing the disorder.

Through the following methods you can complete the problems of couples; Can fix
1. Sleeping on the bed of the soil – Sleeping on the bed of the soil can fulfill the five elements in the body, all the diseases of the body are eliminated by increasing the flow of vital energy in the body.
2. Serve earth coating – Take a pebble-free soil from a good place, grind it and filter it and soak it in water for twelve hours, cover a half inch thick layer on the body like butter, then sit in the sun for an hour, then take a bath on a rub.
3. Take out the soil about four feet from the edge of a forest or river, grind it and filter it, then dry the soil in the sun for two days, prepare a paste and apply it on the affected part, wash after one hour, if more If there is trouble, then repeat this process repeatedly with an interval of 1 -1 hours.
4. Walking barefoot on the soil – The body gets five elements from the ground by walking barefoot on the ground for about 30 minutes in the morning and evening, the body gets the mineral energy it needs. The communication starts to intensify, the life force fixes all the diseases, the toxic material pulls the soil from the body and as a result, the body automatically becomes pure; It gets cured.