1. Drinking water at meal time is similar to drinking poison, gastritis is lighted during meals, energy consumed by drinking cold water is used in the function of balancing the body temperature and food digestion. The work is not done properly. There are two functions in the body, first Digestion i.e. digestion and second fermentation i.e. rotting. Drinking water during meals causes the stomach to cool down, which causes many diseases.
2. Drink water should always be sip so that saliva is added to it, and water becomes friendly to the body. All water impurities are cured by this.
3. Sip water should always be drunk while sitting, otherwise problems of joints arise.

4. Water should always be equal to body temperature,
Cold water, ice cream during meals, cold drinks are very harmful. This increases the chances of heart disease, cholesterol, blood pressure, acidity, Babacir, gastric, constipation problems.
5. Fill water in a red bottle and keep it in sunlight and drink that water, doing this for seven days gives relief from joint pain.
6. Keeping the water on the magnet for eight hours, drinking that water cures joint problems.
7. Make pyramid and keep water inside it overnight, add that drinking water, it alleviates the problem.
8. Drinking the water derived from mantras, gems, life energy, sad thoughts, rakis is beneficial in all types of diseases.
9. Drinking water kept in a copper vessel overnight cures joint discomfort.
10. Water treatment –
If you stand and drink water very quickly, you are very likely to suffer from a variety of diseases with knee pain, and no one in the world can cure you, we ourselves Is friend and foe. 70 percent of the weight of our body is water, have you ever noticed that the water we drink is not doing the work of poison for us. If you are still oblivious, then beware. On the second day, I told that our food is of two types, first acidic ie Tejabi and second alkaline means alkaline.
Novel Award-winning scientist Dr. Otto Vanvarg writes that 1000 types of diseases, including problems of the knee, cancer arise from acidic food.
Due to pollution of land, indiscriminate cutting of trees and fluoride, drinking water of many cities has become acidic, which is the cause of many diseases including cancer,
{The water we drink is acidic or alkaline is a very simple method of testing it, and we will discuss it later on how you can make alkaline water at home}
Nature has arranged such that if we sit and drink grated water, the saliva available in the mouth makes it alkaline, making all kinds of diseases automatic; Heals up. By doing this, knee pain reduces by 2 to 5 to 30 percent in a week.

11. Second method – to make water a divine medicine
Water is a living thing, which you can make a divine medicine. It has been described in our religious texts for centuries. But the scientist in Japan, Masaru Emoto, proved it right on scientific grounds, he prayed in front of the water saying good words and saw that the crystalline structure of the water became shiny like diamond, and drinking this water made many Kinds of diseases were cured, while on the other hand, they used to say nonsense words in front of water and saw that the structure of water became very bad. {Its video is being sent to you} If you also pray with folded hands in front of the water, and request to be freed from your disease, then you will get miraculous results. When we pray, our palms start to emit 36 ​​circles of prana energy every second, which in normal state emits 4 circles per second. This energy enters our body and makes us physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.