Anti-Aging Medicine is the new medical discipline which aspires to halt the degeneration and disability normally associated with aging.Biological aging is attacked on many fronts to recapture and maintain the lost vigor of youth by using all accepted advances in medical technology.

Anti Aging tips helps us to know what the effective ways to slow down ageing process are. Who likes graying and reducing hairline, wrinkled face,protruded belly and above all flawed memory?

We all want to look young and feel energetic all the time. Aging cannot be stopped but it can be delayed by following healthy lifestyle.

There are ancient therapies and modern treatments that effectively reduce the effects of aging. Before knowing anti aging tips for healthy skin care we need to understand and accept the fact that:

  • Aging is a natural process
  • It is a continuous process
  • It increases with time
  • It cannot be stopped but can be slowed down


  1. Sun expossure
    2. Smoking
    3. Eating of mistaken foods
    4. Less intake of water and other fluids. See water facts.
    5. Eating of fatty, oily foods
    6. Using soaps with harsh chemical ingredient


  1. An overall diminish in energy and vigor
    2. The tendency to become easily tired
    3. Changes in inactive patterns
    4. Decreased memory
    5. Behavioural changes
    6. Skin and hair change such as wrinkles, brown spots on the skin, loss of skin elasticity, and hair loss moving the limbs
    7. Changes in hair colour

Yogic cure:-

 [1]Shatkarma                                                         {Purificatory techniques}

{a} kunjal                                                {volitional stomach wash }

{b} jala neti                                             {Nose wash water}

{c} Kapal bhati                                        {Lungs and brain wash by breathing}

            [2]Yogasanas:-                                                         {Posture}

{a} Paschimottanasana                              {Posteriar Stretch}

{b} Shavasana                                            {Corpse}

{c} Sihasana                                               {Lion}

{d} Vajrasana                                             {Adamantine}

{e} Shirshasana                                          {Head Stand}

{f}  Ardha Matsyendrasana                      {Half Spinal twist}

{g} Bhujangasana                                      {Cobra}

{h} Vipreetkarni                                        {Reverse posture}

{i}  Dhanurasana                                       {Bow}

{j}  Ustrasana                                             {Camel}

{k} Padmasana                                          {Lotus}

{l}  Halasana                                              {Plough}

{m} Sarvangasana                                     {Shoulder stand}

{n} Matsyasana                                        {Fish}

{o}  Pad-hastasana                                   {Hand posture }

  [3] Pranayama                               {Body-mind energizing breathing practice}

{a} Anulome vilome                  {Alternate nostrilar pranayama }

{b} Bhastrika                             {Bellows pranayama }

{c} Kapalbhati                           {Lungs & brain wash by breathing}

[4] Bandhas:-                                         {Bands}

{a} Uddiyana  bandh                       {Abdominal lock}

{b} Moola  bandh                            {Anal lock}

{c} Maha bandha

[5]Mudra:-                                                       {Finger –posture}

{a} Ashwini mudra                                   {Horse Gesture}

{b} Varun mudra

{c} Pran mudra

[6] Dhayan                                                                {Meditation}

Scientific Explanation:-

Anti-aging Properties of Yoga: Remain Young Forever!

According to yoga philosophy, it’s the flexibility of the spine, not the number of years, that determines a person’s age. Yoga slows down the aging process by giving elasticity to the spine, firming up the skin, removing tension from the body, strengthening the abdominal muscles, eliminating the possibility of a double chin, improving the tone of flabby arm muscles, correcting poor posture, preventing dowager’s hump and so on. Yoga lets you trade in characteristics of old age for characteristics of youth.

Yoga is dynamite to make you feel younger with heightened mental prowness. Longer life often result from following yogic ways of health maintenance. When both external dangers and internal diseases and habits leading to degeneration have been removed, one naturally lives longer

Swami Nikhilananda wrote in ‘Vivekananda: The Yogas and Other Works’, as follows:

“The result of hatha yoga is simply to make men live long. Health is the chief idea, the one goal of hatha yoga. He is determined not to fall sick, and he never does. He lives long. A hundred years is nothing for him; but he is quite young and fresh when he is one hundred and fifty, without one hair turned gray.”

The following are some of the anti-ageing effects of yoga, according to Dr. Paul Galbraith, author of ‘Reversing Aging’:

  1. Live longer. Yoga affects all the important determinants of a long life: the brain, glands, spine and internal organs.
  2. Increased resistance to disease. Yoga produces a healthy strong body with increased immunity against disease. This increased resistance extends from the common cold to serious diseases like cancer.
  3. Increased vitality due to yoga’s effect on the brain and glands.
  4. Rejuvenation of the glands. Yoga has a marked effect on the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and sex glands. This produces a feeling of well-being, prevents premature aging and extends sexual virility well into old age.
  5. Look and feel younger. Yoga reduces facial wrinkles and produces a natural ‘face-lift’. This is mainly due to the inverted postures. By doing the inverted postures for a few minutes each day, we reverse the effect of gravity and use it to our advantage. The result is firmer facial muscles, which cause a reduction in wrinkles, and a natural face-lift.

The inverted yoga postures often convert gray hair back to its natural color and they will certainly delay the onset of gray hair. This is due to the inverted postures causing an increase in blood supply to the hair follicles in the scalp. Also, the increased flexibility of the neck produced by the asanas removes pressure on the blood vessels and nerves in the neck, causing an even greater blood supply to the scalp. The release of pressure on the nerves in the neck also causes the scalp muscles to relax, since the nerves in the neck supply the scalp muscles. This means that the hair follicles are better nourished and thicker healthier hair is the result.

Yoga will take years from your face and add years to your life. As you get older, you will take on an ageless appearance.

  1. Vision and hearing improve. Normal vision and hearing depend to a large extent on the eyes and ears receiving a good nerve and blood supply. The nerves and blood vessels which supply the eyes and ears have to pass through the neck. As we get older, the neck becomes less flexible, like the rest of the spine, and there is a tendency for nerves and blood vessels to be encroached upon as they travel through the neck. This impairs the nerve and blood supply to the eyes and ears, affecting their function. Yoga postures and yoga neck exercises improve the condition of the neck, resulting in better eyesight and improved hearing.
  2. Mental/emotional benefits. Because of yoga’s rejuvenation effects on the glands and nervous system, including the brain, yoga results in a positive mental/emotional state. It will help you to feel more confident, enthusiastic and generally optimistic. You will also become more creative in your everyday life.

As you start to feet and took better and unfold more of your full potential, these positive mental and emotional states occur as a consequence.

Within a few weeks you will feel calmer and have better concentration. Within a few months, rejuvenation of the organs will start to occur.

You will take years from your face and add years to your life. As you get older, you will take on an ageless appearance.

Home Remedies for Anti Aging:-

  1. Grate raw coconut and squeeze milk out of it. Apply this milk on your face and this will give your skin a shimmering effect. It is very frequent anti aging remedy.
  2. Rub raw potato on areas have marks or pigments. Many suffer from acne and blackheads and they really spoil facial look. With age these evils worsen your appearance.

A simple home made remedy for this is apply a combination that’s made up of equal quantity of glycerin, rose water and lime juice on the skin before going to sleep.

  1. Avocado helps to give you a fresh and young appear because of its oily nature. Simply apply either the pulp or slices of avocado on your face and you skin will get that rejuvenated look. This is a different useful home remedy for anti aging.
  2. You can use lemons as part of your anti aging treatment. Just applying a few drops of lemon juice on your face can help take away blemishes and age spots.
  3. Turmeric powder when joint with sugar cane juice gives you a paste that is quite effective in scheming wrinkles and prevent the skin from ageing.

Further suggestion:-

Anti-Aging-Tips for the Mind

I think we’d all agree that the brain is pretty much the most complex organ in the human body.

It produces our thoughts, memories, feelings and experiences of the world.

As we grow older, each of these processes can be affected, but how that happens isn’t completely understood.

For example, many post-menopausal women say they have difficulty concentrating, yet scientists aren’t entirely sure whether or not the growing forgetfulness is a sign of aging, an effect of reduced estrogen, the result of stress, or a bit of each.

Many of the ways we age are determined by genetics, but researchers now know that lifestyle choices, for example, what you eat, how you exercise, whether you’re able to relax, can help minimize these effects on the brain.

It’s pretty clear that keeping your mind active, whether by dancing or working on crossword puzzles, can help your mind stay sharp.

It also helps to get a good night’s sleep (often easier said than done, certainly if you’re experiencing menopause-related night sweats, for example), as fatigue is known to make concentration more difficult.

Mind to body techniques such as yoga and tai-chi can help you feel less frazzled and/or stressed.

And while a poor diet can have detrimental effects on memory, a healthful one can certainly be of benefit to the brain, in other words eating healthy certainly won’t hurt.

And finally one more anti-aging-tip for the mind, exercise, particularly the kind that gets your heart rate up, would also be beneficial for keeping your brain at its best because getting your heart rate up, moves more blood through your system (of which obviously your brain is an integral part) and I’m sure we can agree that more blood to our brain is a good thing.

Anti-Aging-Tips for the Skin

Here’s the bad news.

It’s inevitable…skin ages, collagen production slows, and elastin, the substance that enables the skin to spring back into place, has a bit less snap.

Although we can’t turn back the hands of time, there’s plenty we can do right now to keep our skin looking and feeling radiant and supple.

While creams, serums and supplements promise to erase wrinkles, lighten age spots, and sooth age-related dryness, experts say the simplest (and least expensive) way to keep your skin healthy and younger looking is to stay out of the sun.

In the event you must be outdoors, use adequate sunscreen, even if you’ve been less than sun-smart in the past, to prevent further damage get on the sunscreen program now.

What we eat also has an impact on how well our skin regenerates itself.

Antioxidant rich foods, such as colorful vegetables and berries, have been shown to help protect against sun damage at the cellular level and can slow the aging of cells.

It’ll also help to stop smoking, duh.

This would be at the top of anyone’s anti-aging-tips list.

But, you knew that, right?

Time and again, research shows that people who smoke tend to have more wrinkles than non-smokers of the same age, complexion and history of sun exposure.

This may be because the chemicals or carcinigens in cigarettes play a role in damaging the elastin in our skin.

If you’re bothered by visible signs of aging, such as age spots and fine lines, modern treatments can help resurface, peel and restore skin to give it a smoother and refreshed appearance.

A consultation with a dermatologist can help you sort through the numerous options, as well as monitor any suspicious-looking spots.

Anti-Aging-Tips for the Body

I think it’s obvious that aging affects every aspect of our body, from our organs and bones to our muscles and joints.

Contrary to some opinions, that doesn’t mean our physical health has to nosedive as you and I get older.

Taking pro-active steps to boost our well-being can bring dramatic payoffs well into our future years.

Start with exercise.

An active lifestyle can help you maintain strength, flexibility, endurance and balance and let you age gracefully.

Strength training is especially important for women, whose bone density peaks in their early thirties and declines sharply after menopause.

Not only will exercise help make your bones stronger, it’ll also increase muscle mass, which in turn boosts metabolism so you burn more calories at rest.

That’s good news for avoiding the age-related weight creep that plagues many women.

While younger females gain weight on their thighs and hips, older women are more likely to bulge around the mid-section.

The effects of this extra abdominal weight show up not only in the mirror but also in the form of increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, and many other illnesses.

What you put in your mouth matters, too.

Filling up on so-called “empty calories” like refined carbohydrates taxes your body’s systems and actually saps your energy reserves.

So eating plenty of whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables will help to enhance your overall health.

And don’t forget to safeguard yourself by getting an annual check-up from a qualified health practitioner.

Your check-up should include a full blood workup to measure total cholesterol, levels of good and bad cholesterol, and triglycerides.

And, depending on your age, a pap smear, mammogram, bone-density exam or thyroid test may also be of benefit.

You should probably put us on your favorites list as our anti-aging-tips list will be updated often.

It’s actually occurred to us that many of these anti-aging-tips are really just natural sense tips, so perhaps next time thats what we’ll call them…natural sense anti-aging-tips.

So, until then, let’s use our “natural” sense in staying young, fit and healthy.

Intake of Anti Aging Herbs

Herbs like Ginseng, Rhodiola, Maca have active ingredients that directly/ indirectly suppress aging.

There main properties are:

  • They boost our energy level and acts as anti stress.
  • They strengthen our internal system and increase our resistance power
  • They are natural and safe to use and do not have adverse side effects compared to chemical based medicines.

Yoga And Meditation

Practiced in ancient India and Asia they are gaining huge followers in the west. Few benefits of yoga and meditation are:

  • Meditation is excellent for mind and practicing it releases stress.
  • Meditation increases concentration. Yoga is a combination of breathing and body postures that increases blood circulation.
  • Yoga strengthens muscles and regulates the flow of oxygen in our system.
  • Yoga has long-term effect and should be practiced regularly.
  • Yoga keeps your body fit and energy level high thus suppressing aging.
  • Yoga helps in maintaining weight by burning fat and increases metabolic rate to certain extent. It involves no external application or intake of any medicine. It is the most simple and natural way to stay fit physically and mentally


Exercising regularly keeps you slim and fit. Today doctors recommend regular exercising to make you fit and healthy.and to keep your health insurance premiums low.
Benefits of exercises are:

  • It increases your cardiovascular capability and hence you feel more active.
  • Staying slim is one of the key factors to look young.
  • Exercising tones your muscles and they do not sag early. It burns your extra flab and prevents bone loss.
  • It helps to fight high blood pressure, cholesterol and gives you good sleep. Exercising hence will keep you slim, fit, stress free, and thus reducing your aging process.

Natural Skin Care

Regular cleansing is very important to keep our skin free from dirt and dead cells. Natural products are soft on skin and they do not harm our skin. Few Benefits of natural skin care are:

  • Cleaning our skin with natural scrubs free us from dead cells and adds a glow to our skin.
  • Proper toning and moisturizing using natural toner and cream keeps the skin soft and clean.
  • The cleaning regimen followed dedicatedly, is an anti aging process in itself. It is very important to keep our skin clean from pollution, harmful UV rays and other external impurities.

Restricted Diet

What we eat is what we gain on our body. Obesity is one of the most prevalent diseases the world is fighting. We need food to extract energy for our survival.

Some benefits of proper diets are:

  • Restricted Diet provides you with what body actually needs and keeps extra calorie away.
  • Low calorie diet with a balance of all nutrients is the ideal menu for all.
  • Starving or over eating should be avoided. Going for crash diets and binges are fatal for life and may lead to depression. Hence eating what your body requires needs proper diet planning.
  • Taking raw food rich in vitamins and minerals acts as rich source of anti aging agents.

Oral Supplements

No matter how efficiently and carefully we eat, at times we all have lows in body vitamins and minerals.
The main reasons to take oral supplements are:

  • In elderly age the food intake decreases and hence the sufficient proportion of vitamins and minerals do not reach in body.
  • Certain food restriction also lowers the intake of vitamins and minerals from natural source.

This is the time when oral supplements come into picture. Multi Vitamin supplements are given during pregnancy, illness and in chronic diseases and for anti aging. Vitamins are responsible for maintenance of our body they are effective anti oxidant and anti aging agents.

Anti Oxidants

Anti oxidant is a substance that protects body from the ill effects of oxidation. Vitamin E, C and A have strong anti oxidant properties. Some benefits of Anti Oxidants are:

  • Extra amounts of free radical in anti oxidants controls compounds such as Lipoic acid and help slow aging.
  • Anti Oxidants reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Yogi Yoganand