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Yoga in colloquial usage refers to Hatha Yoga. It originated thousands of years ago in India as part of the philosophy of yoga, which includes Raja Yoga - control of the mind, Karma Yoga - The yoga of action, Jnana Yoga - The yoga of knowledge, Bhakti Yoga - The yoga of devotion, Hatha Yoga - asanas (postures) as a form of exercise. Yoga is not a religion but the exercise regimen does encourage spirituality, meditation and a deeper understanding of oneself.


Pran Yoga is known as Raja Yoga (that in which one attains to self-rule), and Hatha Yoga emphasizes bodily postures, regulation of breathing, and cleansing processes as means to spiritual perfection (hatha = “violence,” “violent effort”: ha = “sun,” tha = “moon,” hatha… ( Britannica .)


Yoga Therapy Classes are conducted daily morning and in the evening. These classes are conducted under the direct supervision of Guruji Yoganand. Individual attention is given to the students and tailor made yoga sequence are taught according to their ailments and goals that they would like to achieve through the yoga practice.

Whether you practice yoga for weight loss, asthma, diabetes or just general health this class Is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners from first timers to advanced yoga practitioners.

Yoga Therpay


Yoga Therapy Heals Any time of Diesease

Yoga Therapy for Bipolar Disorder
Yoga Therapy for Depression
Yoga Therapy for Sinusitis
Yoga Therapy for Flat Feet
Yoga Therapy for Shoulder Bursitis
Yoga Therapy for High Cholesterol
Yoga Therapy for Hyperkyphosis
Yoga Therapy for Spasticity (Muscle Stiffness)
Yoga Therapy for Liver Disorder
Yoga Therapy for Atherosclerosis
Yoga Therapy for Sexual Disorder (Dysfunction)

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